Yuppie Wagon Enclosed Cargo Utility Trailer

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Looking for a versatile enclosed trailer that can handle just about anything' Want to be able to haul it with just your car or SUV' The Yuppie Wagon is a lightweight, completely enclosed, affordable trailer that easily pulls behind any vehicle. The Yuppie Wagon is ideal for many recreational activities including camping, fishing, family vacations, hunting trips and much more!

What makes the Yuppie Wagon so versatile and affordable' The revolutionary way in which it's made! Rather than being injection or blow molded which can be costly, this great enclosed trailer is created using a process called rotational molding. This state-of-the-art process produces consistent wall thickness for a stronger, more durable shell. Rotational molding also creates stress free outside corners, guaranteeing a better, longer trailer life and less maintenance all at a third of the cost of products built using older methods. That means you can rest easy knowing that the Yuppie Trailer is exactly what you need to carry all of your valuables, at a great price.

The Yuppie Wagon is available in a variety of colors and is great for avid hunters and outdoors enthusiasts! From the thick sturdy shell to the aerodynamic shape, it's got it all! With only a 46 pound tongue weight and a light weight shell, anyone can hook it up and practically any vehicle can tow it! The roomy interior is large enough to carry a wide variety of items, but still small enough to pull behind even the smallest cars. In fact, with the aerodynamic shape and durable lightweight shell, you might actually forget it's following you!

The Yuppie Trailer features a 4 foot interior height, an almost 4 foot interior width and a 7 foot interior length. This trailer has a 950 lbs. load capacity but is so lightweight you won't even think you're pulling it! The Yuppie Trailer comes fully equipped with safety chains, a full lighting package, removable tongue hitch and a four prong electrical plug.

This enclosed trailer features single suspension, a 2000 lbs. axle, and a 950 lbs. payload capacity. The rotational molded, thick shell is strong enough to carry some of your heaviest items yet light enough to pull along behind your car. What more could ask for in an enclosed trailer' With a great guarantee and an awesome, unbeatable price, you can have it all!

Swing Door or Rear Ramp

Choose the style that works for you at no extra charge!

Yuppie Trailer swing door Yuppie Trailer rear ramp

Your choice of swing open rear door or lowring rear ramp for easy loading and unloading. Both doors are a generous 36 inches wide and 41 inches tall, so they're easy to get in and out of and both styles features a lockable latch to keep your cargo secure.

Lightweight Design

Easy to handle and tow!

Yuppie Trailer being pulled by small car

Super lightweight design makes it possible to tow the Yuppie Wagon with even the smallest cars. And it's so well-balanced and easy rolling it can be moved around and hooked up for towing by almost anyone with little effort. It's amazingly light!

EZ Lube Hubs

Easier maintenance and long-lasting!

EZ Lube Hubs Every Yuppie Wagon utility trailer comes standard with EZ Lube hubs for hassle-free maintenance when it's time to grease the spindles. Grease the entire hub from the central alemite without removing the wheel! EZ Lube hubs can save you money and time over the life of your trailer.

Other manufacturers often charge up to $130 extra for this feature, but we include it free on every Yuppie Wagon we build!

Optional Bolt-on Rack

Carry canoes, kayaks, ladders and more!

Yuppie Trailer bolt-on rack Haul bigger, longer loads with the optional bolt-on cargo rack. It's perfect for contractors and outdoor enthusiasts!

Haul canoes, kayaks, small boats, ladders, pipe, roof-mount cargo carriers and more!

The tongue length on the trailer allows longer loads to be moved forward to stay within legal limits.

Optional EZ Ramp

Add this assisted lift option to make raising and lowering the ramp a breeze!

Effortless raising and lowering with the optional EZ Ramp assisted lift feature. EZ Ramp uses a specially designed lifting mechanism to reduce the force needed to raise and lower the rear ramp to less than 12 ounces! You can literally move the ramp with the touch of a finger!


All the details

  • 4' X 7'
  • Main Frame Construction: 2" x 2" angle iron and box tubing.
  • Cross Member: 2" x 2" angle iron
  • Tongue Construction: 2" x 3" removable tubular
  • G.V.W: 2,000 lbs.
  • Trailer Empty Weight: 460 lbs. Approx.
  • Wheels and Tires: White Rim, 480 x 12" B rated 950 lbs. load rating. 13" optional
  • Floor: 1/2" or 5/8" pressure treated plywood
  • Coupler Size: 1-7/8" or 2"
  • Width Between Wheel Wells: 48"
  • Shell Construction: Lightweight Roto-Molded Polyethylene
  • Deck Height: 15" to 18"
  • Axle: 2000 lbs. 48 x 58 5 Lug Under Slung 20" springs. Torsion axle optional.
  • Brakes: none
  • Door Opening Size: 36" wide x 44" tall.
  • Safety chains
  • Full lighting package
  • 4-prong electrical plug
  • Removable tongue hitch
  • Single swing open rear door, with lockable latch. Rear ramp gate optional.
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