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Whether you're into the 'Mod' scene or just plain like the retro vibe, scooters are a cool way to get around! 50cc Moped Scooters offer the most fun for the least cost and get excellent fuel mileage. Use them to run errands around town or to tool around camp. They're also great for kids because they're super easy to operate, lightweight and nimble. Our mid-sized 150cc Scooters offer the best of both fuel efficiency and enough room and power for two people to ride comfortably at highway speeds while safely maneuvering traffic. But if you really want to enjoy the open road in style, consider a full-size touring model moped scooter with features like stepped seating for two, dual shock rear suspension, extra payload capacity and much more powerful engines that can handle highway speeds. Many Chinese scooters are very similar to popular Japanese models like the Yamaha Zuma and Vino, Honda Metropolitan, Ruckus and PCX and the Suzuki Burgman while offering substantial cost savings. Other Chinese made scooters compare more closely to Italian scooter brands like Vespa, Aprillia and Benelli. Whatever your riding style, you'll find a complete selection of great scooter models with all the best features and comforts. And best of all, they come in a huge selection of awesome colors!