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What you should know before buying an ATV

Okay, So you're looking at buying an ATV, maybe for yourself or a young child or teen, and you're wondering where to start. Here are some important points you should consider.

Age Group

Here at, our models generally fall into three broad age categories - kids, youth and adult. These age groups overlap a bit with kids in the 3-11 range, youth 7-16 and adults over 16. Of course, as we know, the size and maturity of children varies significantly, so parents should evaluate how their son or daughter fits into a particular group. While it's true that "kids never shrink," you should not purchase a model that your child is not prepared to handle at present. We're here to help you find the ATV that fits your child's abilities.

Multiple Users

Another factor to consider in determining the correct model is whether multiple kids (or adults) will be using the ATV. Make sure you're buying for the greatest, and most efficient, use of the vehicle.

Engine Size

It is important to match the engine size to the ability level of the operator. In general, smaller children can handle an ATV with a 50-110cc engine. Electric models are also available for small children and make excellent starter quads. Then, 125-150cc sizes are usually a good fit for most kids and 200-300cc units work best for bigger teens and adults.


You may also want to consider whether you'd prefer a quad with a reverse gear. Some ATV's don't come with reverse. We have several models in each version, so keep this in mind when shopping.

Lot of Styles

Style plays a big a role in your picking an ATV; especially for kids! Are you, or your kids, going the sporty route or do you prefer more of a utility model? The utility models generally come with both front and rear racks.


Most customers prefer automatic transmissions, and that certainly is the norm for kids and youth models. But semi-automatic (shifting without a clutch) and manual transmissions are available, if preferred, for adult models.


There is no question that color is an important decision for most buyers, and we have a wide range of choices in all of our models.

Tire Size

Ground clearance is another consideration and our different models have a range of tire sizes to meet your needs and preference. Kids quads generally come with either 16-inch or 19-inch tires and go up from there as the size of the ATV gets bigger.


As with most purchases, the choices fall into low, medium or high end models. At we carry a range of brands to suit your needs.


This is a paramount concern for us and we encourage you to take all the necessary steps to promote safety in your family's use of the ATV. An important safety feature of many of our smaller ATVs is a remote control engine shut-off so parents stay in total control even when the ATV is far away. Another important safety feature on kids and youth ATVs is a throttle limiter that keeps young riders from applying too much throttle. This allows parents to gradually increase engine power and speed as their kids gain more skill.


Another crucial safety factor is the use of a well-designed helmet, and we offer a variety of choices for all ages. If you don't already have a helmet, be sure to include this in your budget when buying an ATV.

Family Fun

Our company has been delivering family fun since 1990 and we're here to help you make the right decisions for you and your loved ones. We think it's great that responsible parents want to purchase an ATV for their youngsters with this in mind - if your children have their own unit, they're riding under your supervision and control. What better way to insure their fun and safety than under your own personal guidance?

Consulting Service

With this outline, we have tried to give you some of the main issues that may arise when shopping for an ATV. We invite you to look through our website for details about the many models we offer. There is a lot of descriptive information and video overviews to help you make an informed decision. And if you have questions, just call 800-250-5502, text 701-361-1909, contact our support team at or get in touch with us on Facebook.

After the Sale

We pride ourselves on excellent service and parts availability after the sale. We offer a 60-day return policy and a full one-year warranty also is available. We've been serving families for 28 years in a friendly and professional manner, and we'd love to help you provide years of fun and safe recreation for your family!