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What To Understand About Buying A Powersports Vehicle Online -- And Saving Money

There are several good reasons to buy a powersports vehicle online – and right at the top of the list is saving a lot of money.

You are, in essence, cutting out the middleman and keeping a lot of cash in your pocket.

But there are several important factors to understand in the process, especially the understanding that (when buying online) the customer is, in essence, playing the role of the dealer.

One customer of said he selected our company over other merchants because we helped make the process clear and understandable.

He chose after what he called “a careful review of multiple sellers and a review of customers reviews.”

“Most folks don’t seem to realize that they (the customers) are for all practical purposes filling the role of a dealer and must do the dealer preps once they have received their unit,” the customer said.

It is a fact that a great many customer complaints center around this misunderstanding and this customer points out that makes an honest and concerted effort to communicate how this works so that customers are prepared and not disappointed when their dirt bike, ATV, go-kart or scooter arrives.

First of all, the customer will accept a truck shipment and is not delivered on a UPS or FedEx vehicle that specializes in small parcels.

When we ship a powersports vehicle to you (and we feature free shipping), there are several factors to be considered.

The vehicle is shipped to you the same as it would be to a retail dealership. It will be up to you to uncrate and assemble the vehicle. Among the items you will be addressing are inflating the tires, installing the wheels, installing the handlebars, charging the battery, changing the oil, checking all nuts and bolts for tightness, checking your chain and possibly making minor carburetor adjustments. 

It also should be noted that we carry freight insurance. We have your back covered just in case there is freight damage during shipping.

It depends on the experience of the customer (or a handy family member or friend), but the process should take about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. There is lot of guidance available on our website concerning setting up your vehicle, including numerous informational videos.

You also will find a complete catalog of information by going to, where numerous questions are answered.

Of course, you can always give us a call at 800-250-5502. Your call is always answered during business hours by a live person!

A manufacturer’s warranty comes with your new  dirt bike, ATV, go-kart or scooter. We also feature a full line of parts on our website.

So, it makes sense to skip the middleman and save money. We look forward to helping achieve your goal of providing affordable fun for your family for years to come.