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What Size ATV Is Right For Me?

Trying to decide what size ATV is just right for you? There are numerous factors involved in making an informed decision on this exciting outdoor fun opportunity.

In many cases, the question is asked by a parent or grandparent looking for the right model for a youngster – often with a Christmas or birthday present in mind.

Let’s say right up front that an ATV makes a great present for a kid. It’s great to observe a youngster’s face light up with a smile when receiving a present he or she really likes, rather than seeing an item stashed away in a game room or closet (and quickly forgotten). Plus, you may very well get a big hug for a gift like this.

Another great reason for considering an ATV is to get your youngster outside for a great fresh air activity and away from the sedentary life and monotony of video games or cell phones. And, in a great many cases, it’s a decision that leads to a lot of outdoor fun for the entire family.

A great many kids are wanting to (and will) participate in the fun of riding an ATV. Think of it this way – if you purchase a quad for your youngster, you’re in a position to personally supervise its use and to make certain it is being operated in a safe and responsible manner. Many kids and youth ATVs have important safety features that will please parents and grandparents. Among them are speed limiters that can be Padjusted accordingly, wrist tethers that shut the vehicle off when contact is lost from the handlebars and remote control on/off. The latter allows a supervising adult to shut down the vehicle from as far away as the length of a football field. Additionally, you are helping your child learn the responsibility of safely driving a vehicle, while being involved in the basic maintenance and upkeep chores associated with it.

At, we can help you decide the best size ATV for you through the categories we have established on our website. They are kids (ages 3-11), youth (ages 8-15) and adult (16 and up). Of course, these categories are not set in stone, as only you can assess the size, physical and mental maturity and athletic skills of your youngster. You can review on our website the models we offer in each general category.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the details on several popular models in each age grouping:

Kids Category – Among our most popular models are the Boulder 400XR, one of the finest kids ATVs on the market today, and the Vitacci Hawk 110. Both feature a 110cc four-stroke engine with automatic transmission, perfect for the beginning rider. The automatic transmission feature allows youngsters to focus on steering and stability without worrying about shifting gears. The Boulder has a low 25-inch seat height, compared to 21.3-inch for the Hawk, and both have a stable 31.5-inch wheelbase. Safety items such as a speed limiter, wrist tether and a remote control shut-off are important features on these models for young riders. The units have solid steel frames with full suspension. All-terrain pneumatic tires are spaced wider on the front than the back to provide greater stability in maneuvering and turning. Both the Boulder and the Hawk feature an electric start and have front drum brakes and rear hydraulic brakes. They both come in a variety of exciting colors.

Youth Category – Among the best-selling models in this category are the Apollo Blazer 9 and the Tao TForce, both designed with the young rider in mind. Both feature four-stroke engines with 125cc power output and automatic transmission with reverse. Both have a 37-inch wheelbase and 29-inch seat height. Both feature all-terrain pneumatic tires with drum brakes on the front and disc brakes in the rear. The large tires give these models a full-sized ATV look and provide excellent ground clearance for off-road operation. The TForce comes with a speed limiter and kill switch to address safety priorities. Both models have front and rear lights and come with electric start. The Blazer features an aggressively-styled body with great two-tone graphics and both come in a variety of exciting colors the youngsters will love. Another favorite in the youth category is the Vitacci Rider 9, a mid-size quad ideal for older and bigger kids with intermediate skills. It features a four-stroke 125cc engine with automatic transmission and reverse. It has a 39-inch wheelbase and 27-inch seat height, perfect dimensions for the larger and more mature youngster. The Rider 9 has electric start with LED headlights and a taillight. It has front and rear storage racks to make this an excellent utility quad. Safety features include a remote control shut-off and a speed limiter.

Adult Category – Among our most popular full-size models are the Tao Raptor 200 and the Tao Rhino 250. The Raptor is designed for older teenagers and adults and has a 169cc four-stroke engine that generates power in the 200cc class. The Rhino, with a 200cc engine, is one of the most full-featured but affordable quads on the market today. At we strive to provide excellent value in terms of the features customers want within a price range that won’t break the bank. Both models have front drum and rear disc brakes and electric start. The Raptor has an automatic transmission with reverse, while the Rhino comes with a four-speed manual transmission. Both models have 32-inch seat heights. Front and rear utility racks come on both models. The Raptor’s wheelbase is 48 inches, compared to 44 inches for the Rhino. While the Rhino is designed for kids no younger than 16, it does have a speed limiter that parents may want to employ as a solid safety feature. Another great model to consider in the adult category is the Apollo Commander 200. It has a 174cc four-stroke engine with automatic transmission and reverse. This model has many of the same features as the Rhino and Raptor. The Commander has a full seven inches of ground clearance, perfect for great off-road adventures. All three models come in a variety of great colors.

At we have been delivering family fun since 1990 and can help with any questions – we are confident we can find the right ATV for you. Our models are well-built, but VERY AFFORDABLE. Check out the specifications on our wide inventory and the numerous informational videos on our website.

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