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What Age Is A 50cc Dirt Bike For?

When looking at the potential purchase of a new dirt bike for a young rider, parents and grandparents often have questions about finding the right model based on age and maturity.

One question often asked is – what age is appropriate for a 50cc dirt bike?

Of course, there are several factors involved such as the specific age of the rider, physical size and maturity.

At we generally believe that a 50cc model is appropriate for riders in the 3-11 age group. And, based on power ratings and speed, it would make sense for the 50cc mopeds to be especially great for those on the younger end of that scale.

Whatever the model choice or the age of the youngster, riding a dirt bike is great fun for kids and 2021 could very well be the year to make that purchase.

Many youngsters are attracted the exciting world of dirt bike riding – the good news is there are some solid and age-appropriate model choices available. And many of them feature quality construction without breaking the bank.

In many cases, this will no doubt be a family affair as parents and older siblings already are having fun on the trails – this is an opportunity to let the younger set join in. As the saying goes, the family that plays together

Of course, safety is always a top priority and parents and grandparents will want to make sure the young rider is provided with the right equipment such as an approved helmet, eye protection, long-sleeved shirt, long pants and over-the-heel boots.

Some of the more popular models feature training wheels that can be removed as the youngster gains skill and confidence.

As noted, it is important to make sure you purchasing the right bike the young rider – size, skill set, athletic ability and maturity varies from child to child, so age alone is not always the critical factor. At our experienced technicians can answer your questions and help you find the right model for your child.

You owe it to yourself to check out the latest Chinese-manufactured kids dirt bikes. You will find they have many of the same features and operate similarly to Japanese models such as Honda and Yamaha – but they often can be purchased at less than half the price! These units are sturdily-built and can indeed be passed along to siblings as the initial rider moves up to larger models.

At, we feature a pair of 50cc models that are ideal for the beginning rider:

*GoBowen DB01 50cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike -- The DB01 mini dirt bike from GoBowen is the perfect fusion of big-bike style in a mini sized package for kids! A tough 51cc 2-stroke engine powers over rough terrain with a max load of 128 lbs. A low seat height of just 22 inches is perfect for children just learning to ride. Featuring the same quick-actuating front and rear disc brakes found on larger dirt bikes, there's no need to sacrifice quality performance to get the mini bike form factor. The DB01 comes with a pull start system that makes it simple to get started with no need to worry about problems caused by electronic components. Comes in your choice of color!

*GoBowen DB02 Kids Mini Dirt Bike -- The DB02 mini dirt bike from GoBowen has everything you expect from a great full-size bike, in a package small enough for children! It's even smaller than GoBowen's DB01 model! The 21-inch seat height and small, welded-steel chassis make for an easy-to-maneuver ride with a weight of only 37 pounds! The tough, 2-stroke 51cc engine can pull loads of up to 120 pounds, and the fully automatic transmission makes navigating the trails a cinch even for less experienced riders. With a reliable hand pull starter, there's no need to worry about battery charge or electric components. Takes 2-cycle oil mix and unleaded gas. Available in several colors!

If a potential buyer is looking for a slightly larger and more powerful model for the young rider, here are a few of our most popular choices for 2021 (all are also appropriate for young riders in the 3-11 age group):

*Apollo DB-25 – The Apollo DB-25 Kids Dirt Bike is designed for small children and features a low seat height, electric start, fully automatic transmission and even removable training wheels! The DB-25 is powered by a low-maintenance 4-stroke 70cc engine that produces up to 6 horsepower and is capable of moving loads of over 130 pounds. And the high strength single tube steel frame and spoke wheels are tough enough to carry the weight, too! With a traditional full front and rear motorcycle suspension that offers almost 6 inches of ground clearance and aggressive all-terrain knobbies, this is one kids dirt bike that handles well on just about any trail condition. Add the training wheels for children just learning to ride and remove them when they gain the balance and confidence to ride safely on two wheels. This bike compares well in size and power to the much more expensive Honda CRF50 and CRF70. It's also very similar to the Yamaha PW50 but features the slightly taller seat and electric start found on the Yamaha TT-R50E, and it comes in at less than half the price of the Japanese brands. And considering how fast kids grow, that makes the price even more attractive! CARB approved. Available in several kid inspiring colors!

*Apollo DB-21 – This great model sports a reliable 70cc 4-stroke engine, easy to operate 4-speed semi-automatic transmission and removable training wheels! The air-cooled engine and kick start keep the bike dead simple for years of low maintenance riding. And the high-strength tubular steel frame with telescopic front forks and rear monoshock swingarm mean this little machine can handle whatever your kid can dish out and still be ready to hand down when they outgrow it. Designed with 10-inch wheels and 25-inch seat height, making it very similar in size to a Yamaha PW50, Honda CRF50 or Suzuki DR-Z70. The included training wheels can easily be added or removed in minutes and the semi-auto tranny can be run in just one or more gears depending on the need of your little rider! So, it's the perfect setup for small children just learning to ride. Small kids will be most comfortable with the trainers on and riding in 1st and 2nd gears to keep speed down while providing good torque and pull. More confident riders will graduate to removing the training wheels and shifting on up into higher gears for faster speeds. CARB approved. Kids can even pick their favorite color.

*Vitacci DB-S60 -- (Honorable Mention) -- The DB-S60 kids dirt bike is a small 60cc, automatic motorcycle with removable training wheels designed just for kids learning to ride! The DB-S60 looks like a miniature version of a full-size motocross dirt bike! The high-strength steel frame is sized small and the full front and rear suspension accommodates 10-inch wheels for a combination that gives the S60 a seat height around 25 inches while still providing over 5 inches of ground clearance! Small children find it easy to climb on. And the standard electric start makes it easy to get going, too! Kids can learn to ride on the S60 without having to maneuver gears or work a clutch, and the included training wheels can easily be removed once little ones learn to balance on their own! The air-cooled, 4-stroke engine is durable and easy to maintain. Compare this bike to the Yamaha PW50 or the Honda CRF50 and see why customers choose the lower price of Vitacci motorcycle! Comes in your choice of several colors.

These are five from among our excellent selection of dirt bikes for kids aged 3-11. We pride ourselves on offering mopeds of excellent quality at prices you can afford.

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