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Understanding ATV Stability

Riding quads is a lot of fun for all ages – and making sure the activity is safe is at the top of any ATV-related concern.

There is no question that ATV stability has improved dramatically over the years, especially in the movement from three to four-wheeled vehicles. The extra wheel inherently adds stability and the number and severity of accidents has decreased as a result.

In looking at general safety issues, it is important that proper gear is always worn when riding a quad. This includes a certified helmet, eye protection, gloves, long-sleeved shirt, long pants and over-the-ankle boots. Young riders always should have adult supervision. The riding terrain should be appropriate for the skillset of the rider – beginning riders should learn in an open and flat area with no water or other hazards.

It also is a great idea for beginning riders to participate in an approved safety training course – many are available online.

ATVs are, of course, used for a variety of purposes, including recreational, agricultural, hunting or chores around the home or camp. Agricultural and hunting purposes can be risky if the rider is not experienced and understands operational tips that will improve the stability of the quad. When looking at work-related uses, it also is important to make certain the ATV is the appropriate vehicle for the purpose at hand. Sometimes another type of vehicle might make more sense – and be safer.

Weight distribution is one of the most important factors in the safe operation of a quad. There are videos and informational material available that provide details on how to be an “active” rider in terms of proper weight distribution.

Generally, it is advisable to sit toward the front of the seat with your feet back underneath as much as possible. This helps provide overall stability in the ride.

When riding on rough terrain, it sometimes is a good idea to rise up on your feet – an action which actually lowers the center of gravity.

When riding on a slope, the rider should lean his body into the uphill side. When making a turn, the weight should be shifted to the inside of the turn. On an uphill slope, the rider should shift his weight as much as possible to the front of the quad – the reverse is true when on a downhill slope.

A hugely important safety and stability tip is to not be distracted while driving an ATV. Play close attention to the type of terrain and any objects that might be in your path. 

Keep your loads within the capacity of the vehicle and, when appropriate, pull a trailer in back rather than overload the quad itself. 

It also is advisable, if you regularly load your ATV into the back of a vehicle, to develop a permanent ramp rather than a more unstable temporary method.

Finally, ATVs basically are designed as one-person vehicles and passengers create instability and are a high-level safety concern.

All these stability tips are designed to make ATV riding as safe as possible and there is no question that responsible operators will gain valuable skills as they experience quads in a variety of work and fun situations and on varied terrains.

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