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Top 5 Adult Dirt Bikes For 2020

Dirt bikes provide exciting outdoor fun for the entire family. 

It’s great to find the ideal bike for kids and teens, but what about mom and dad? What are some of the top adult units on the market today?

Before looking at some of the most popular models, keep in mind that riding dirt bikes is indeed a great family activity. As has been said, a family that plays together, stays together. Dirt bikes get kids and teens (and adults!) outside and away from phones and screens. They are learning a new sport and new skills that will help them gain confidence. Practice makes perfect and they will keep growing with those skills. Additionally, dirt biking has its own social network which will enable the entire family to meet new people who are enjoying the same sport.

And, obviously, it’s great for parents to be actively involved by riding a bike of their own.

The good news is the purchase of a good dirt bike doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure, you can spend big bucks on a Japanese brand such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki – but our affordable Chinese models offer many of the same features and often are almost identical clones of the pricier brands. 

If you have been considering a particular Japanese model, you owe it to yourself to take a good look at a comparable Chinese version that will be roughly half the price.

The Apollo models are especially noteworthy and have been recognized internationally for outstanding design while experiencing very few reliability issues. The Apollo brand is receiving growing respect in the marketplace, with the manufacturer stating its goal of producing “the most innovative four-stroke motorcycle in the world.”

In short, the outstanding selection of Apollo dirt bikes are designed to provide years of fun.

Also consider that at we have been reliably delivering family fun since 1990 and are always here to help with your purchase and to answer any of your after-the-sale questions or concerns.

To give you an example of what we have to offer, here are the Top 5 Adult Dirt Bikes For 2020 at These models have proven to provide great “bang for the buck” and customers have found them to be relatively maintenance-free.

*Apollo DB-36X – This is our best-selling street legal dual-sport. The full-size Apollo DB-36DX Deluxe Enduro DOT Dual Sport dirt bike motorcycle comes with all the premium features found on the regular DB-36, while now being completely street legal! Comparable to Japanese bikes like the Suzuki DR, Kawasaki KLX, Yamaha WR, and Honda CRF, the Enduro comes standard with electric start, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a heavy-duty steel, twin-spar frame. A powerful 250cc class four-stroke engine and manual 5-speed transmission make for a combination best suited to more experienced riders, and a 36.6-inch seat height allows for a taller suspension for added clearance over rugged terrain. Included in the package are knobby tires on 17-inch rims, front and rear lighting, turn signals, mirror and horn.

*Tao DB-X1 140cc -- Tao's DB-X1 is a mid-size dirt bike perfect for riders looking to step up their game with a high-performance new ride! This bike features a 140cc low-maintenance engine with a quick-shifting 4-speed manual transmission. At about 160 pounds, the frame is light enough for younger riders to maneuver with ease. It features inverted telescope forks and 17 and 14-inch spoke wheels that provide excellent ground clearance on the trail. Reliable front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide complete control when stopping. The DB-X1 dirt bike is built to take on the toughest trails and obstacles. Kick start. Bright colors and awesome graphics! 

*Apollo DB-X18 -- The Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike features disc brakes, a 4-speed manual tranny and heavy-duty twin spar frame. The motorcycle comes with a 17-inch front wheel and over 13 inches of ground clearance. The DB-X18 is one of the nicest, most competitively priced Chinese play bikes. Compare to popular models like the Yamaha TTR-125 and Honda CRF125F. Kick start. Awesome graphics and cool colors!

*Tao DB-27 -- The Tao DB-27 dirt bike is a nice mid-sized play bike for older youth and adults. The bike features a 124cc four-stroke engine and 4-speed transmission. A 17-inch front wheel provides excellent ground clearance on even the toughest trails. Reliable hydraulic disc brakes are part of the package. The bike weighs in at a light 162 pounds dry and boasts a 49-inch wheelbase for easy maneuverability and fun riding even for beginners. Monoshock rear suspension. Kick start. Great colors!

*Apollo DB-X19 -- If you're looking for a bike that can keep up with the twists and turns of the toughest trails, the Apollo DB-X19 dirt bike is the perfect new ride! A sturdy, mid-size welded twin-spar steel frame is tough enough to stand up to demanding riding, and a durable four-stroke, air-cooled 125cc engine supplies reliable power every time. A 17-inch front wheel provides plenty of ground clearance for riding on even the toughest trails. And even though this is not a dual sport motorcycle, it features a headlight for safer riding on dimly light trails. Available in a wide selection of colors. 

At we feature these popular models, plus other good quality adult dirt bikes that will provide quality fun for years.

Outstanding customer service is our specialty and we are focused on your satisfaction before and after the sale. We have technicians on staff to assist with any issues you may have with your new dirt bike. Our website,, contains lots of details about our various models, as well as numerous informational videos. Our company has a 5 Star Customer Service rating and takes pride in following the great Midwestern tradition of friendly and honest service.

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