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Top 150cc Scooter Choices For 2021

Scooters definitely have increased in popularity in recent years – they provide a fun and economical way to take quick trips around town or provide transportation for short commutes. Scooters with 150cc engines also are ideal for highway driving and are powerful enough to carry a driver and passenger with ease.

Scooters are lightweight and easy to maneuver and are ideal for teens and adults of all ages, especially seniors.

Additionally, they are easy to maintain and insurance costs are low. The average cost of a basic scooter insurance policy is about $250 per year, and is much more affordable than one with a variety of additional coverages.

It should be noted that, for a 150cc scooter, you need a driver and motorcycle license.

At we have an outstanding selection of 150cc scooters that are well-built and affordable. Our scooters are comparable in style and operation to much more expensive Japanese brands such as Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha or Italian models built by Vespa and Benelli. You owe it to yourself to check out these Chinese-made scooters that will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Buying online has a lot of advantages. It is very convenient to take a look at different models online and compare the features of each. Price comparisons also are easy. Shopping in the convenience of your own home is stress-free and saves on time and gasoline. There are no crowds to contend with and no sales pressure. It is very important to purchase from a reputable and experienced online company – in the case of, you will be dealing with folks that have been serving satisfied online customers for more than 30 years.

Our most popular scooters are affordable, display the great features riders are looking for and have proven to be very reliable and relatively maintenance-free. To give you an idea of what we have to offer, these are our Top 150cc Scooters For 2020:


*Tao CY-150D – If you're looking for a fuel-efficient scooter but want something a little sportier, you'll love the new Tao CY-150D. This 150cc scooter features all the same gas-sipping qualities of Tao's other bikes wrapped in an awesome sport bike body. Tao calls it their SuperScooter, and it definitely lives up to its name! The 4-stroke, air-cooled single cylinder engine pushes this bike up to 55+ mph and its twin inverted hydraulic front suspension and dual rear hydraulic springs can handle up to 350 pounds easily. The dual-tone color scheme and large, color-matched aluminum rims give the CY150D aggressive, race bike styling, and the CVT belt drive automatic transmission gives it smooth, sure power and acceleration. A hand operated front ABS disc brake and rear drum offer ample stopping power. Other standard features include twin inset headlights, electric start and twist throttle. Full complement of lights so it's completely street legal in most areas. California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved! Available in several colors.

*Tao Phoenix 150 -- Hop on the Phoenix 150 scooter from Tao and enjoy one of the smoothest rides ever! A durable 4-stroke 150cc engine and CVT transmission guarantee balanced power delivery at all speeds without ever needing to shift! With a fully functional gauge package, headlights, taillights, blinkers, and even a trunk, the Phoenix has everything you need for a comfortable daily commute! A top speed of 55 mph and fuel economy of 81 mpg allows for riding in cities and on the highway without having to constantly refuel. California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved! Comes in your choice of several colors.

*Tao Powermax 150 – Tao's latest foray into the sport-bike styled scooter market brings us the Powermax 150! This beautiful 150cc powered, fuel-sipping two-seater is as much fun to look at as it is to ride! Awesome color choices and cool VIP graphics are just the first of a number of great features that make this one mean little moped. The Powermax sports keyed electric start and electronic CDI ignition for easy starting and smooth firing throughout the power band. There's even a manual kick-start for backup. The hydraulic suspension and light weight keep it agile over any road surface and in any neighborhood, and the full complement of head lights, turn signals and brake lights and 55 mph speed rating ensure it's legal in most areas. The Powermax is designed to ride and handle like a standard motorcycle with its twist throttle and standard hand brakes while still being comfortable for casual riders with its convenient trunk, front disc brake, automatic, belt drive transmission and cockpit style seating. There's plenty of room for two riders and more than enough power to handle up to 350 lbs. of payload. California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved! Available in several colors.

*Vitacci Eagle 150 – This exciting scooter features modern, aerodynamic fairings for great looking sport styling and even better fuel economy! Loaded with features like electric start with a kick start backup and front and rear disc brakes on big 13-inch tires, the Eagle 150 is ready to hit the road. The powerful single-cylinder engine is capable of speeds of more than 55 miles per hour depending on road conditions and rider weight. And the smooth shifting, CVT automatic transmission and light 290-pound weight makes it effortless to maneuver in city streets and heavy traffic. This little scooter even comes with an MP3 player and speakers for listening to your favorite tunes while riding! The Eagle is the perfect commuting scooter. Available in several colors.

*Vitacci Challenger 150 – The low emission Vitacci Challenger 150 scooter is the perfect motorbike for fun and commuting. The scooter's light weight and highly efficient 149cc, 4-stroke engine offer top notch MPG! Save money on fuel expense with this sporty ride. The Challenger 150 features a roomy cockpit with seat space for two and a load capacity of up to 240 pounds. So, you and a friend can sprint around camp, go to the beach or enjoy cruising the city streets. The scooter's low emission standard and compact size make it a phenomenal commuter vehicle for school or work. And the color-matched trunk and under-seat storage provide plenty of room to store books, groceries, a helmet and more! A front disc brake and rear drum provide essential stopping power, and the drilled front rotor reduces brake fade during heavy riding and helps keep the brake pads clean and grippy. Electric start and a CVT automatic transmission make it super simple for riders of any level to get on and get going! Twelve-inch wheels are perfect for all-round handling and maneuverability on most terrain. With sporty good looks and performance to boot, the worst thing about the Challenger 150 scooter is deciding which great color to get.

*Vitacci Zoma 150 -- Want the styling of the popular Yamaha Zuma but with more power? Check out the Vitacci Zoma 150cc scooter! The Zoma features styling very similar to Yamaha's little scooter, but comes with a bigger, more powerful 4-stroke engine. You get the same twin detached headlights, a high-mount front fender and even fork boots for an aggressive look, but the Zoma also comes with a steel bash bar surrounding the headlights and standard included handguards. A front disc brake and 130/60 tires on 13-inch wheels provide confident handling. A smooth Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) offers smooth, even acceleration. Electric start with kick start backup. Your choice of color.

*Vitacci Spark 150 – Check out the Vitacci Spark 150 scooter for a modern styled, full-featured economic commuter scooter with plenty of power for highway riding! The Spark comes with a GY6 type 4-stroke engine and automatic CVT transmission that can power this little moped up to 55+ miles per hour. And the Spark's sturdy steel frame, full suspension and big 14-inch wheels provide confident handling on city streets and highways alike. The body fairing shines with beautiful, sleek lines that give the bike a sporty, modern look. You get under-seat storage and a rear trunk for hauling all your stuff on the go. The trunk also features a rear seat back for added comfort for pillion riders when cruising two-up and an MP3 player with speakers for listening to your own music on the ride! Lightweight cast aluminum wheels keep rotational weight low for easy, flickable handling and a front disc brake with drilled rotor provides excellent stopping power. The cockpit is both posh and practical with nicely arranged lights and a big analog speedo that's easy to read at a glance while riding. Electric start. Comes in several nice color options with subdued graphics that add to the bike’s sophisticated styling.


*Amigo Rover 150 -- Amigo scooters have always had a reputation of being built like a tank, and now you can get one that looks like a tank, too! The new Rover 150cc features rugged military styling, but they still managed to pack in all the features you expect from a comfy, civilian scooter! A 4-stroke, 150cc engine is capable of carrying 330 lbs. at a top speed of over 55 mph! Handling is enhanced by oversized 13-inch wheels, a super-smooth automatic CVT transmission, and front and rear disc brakes. The Rover comes packed with a USB port for phone charging, and electric start with kick start backup. Comes in a wide selection of great colors.

*Ice Bear PMZ150-21 Gen 4 Maddog -- Ice Bear's PMZ150-21 Generation IV Maddog is another Honda Ruckus-styled scooter with new premium features! The Gen IV Maddogs come with an upgraded embossed seat, an updated rear fender, a new heavy-duty single coil rear suspension, upgraded 8-spoke mag rims and HID headlights with a built-in electronic ballast. Powered by a durable 150cc air-cooled engine, this scooter can push 246 pounds at highway speeds! The Maddog has a full cluster of gauges on the dash, including an odometer and easy-to-read digital speedometer. An exposed, high-strength welded steel exposed frame matches the stylish look of the Ruckus, and the short, upswept muffler on display is sure to turn heads! LED turn signals and taillight improve visibility and safety during night riding, and a front hydraulic disc brake provides stopping power you can count on! Comes in a selection of solid color options. EPA approved.

*Vitacci Rocket 150 -- Vitacci enters the mini craze with their Rocket 150cc scooter with naked sport bike styling! The Rocket scooter takes its style cues from the Honda Grom, Kawasaki Pro 125 and Benelli TNT mini bikes, and features some of the latest trends on two wheels, including an exposed trellis frame, sporty geometry and disc brakes for a small bike design that fits just about anyone and easily maneuvers traffic and city streets. The Rocket 150 scooter is more than just fun and style. The bike comes standard with a durable 150cc powerplant with electric start and CVT transmission for low maintenance and ease of operation. Just turn the throttle and go! And with a rainbow of color options, the Rocket is sure to stand out in any crowd no matter where you take it!

*Vitacci Roma 150 -- The Roma 150 from Vitacci has the efficiency and features of a scooter wrapped up in the sleek styling of a racing motorcycle! Commonly known as the Super Hornet Scooter, the Roma 150 is powered by a single cylinder, air-cooled 150cc engine that can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, making it a very capable bike on highway commutes. And the scooters smooth automatic transmission and a light 225-pound weight makes for easy maneuvering in heavy traffic or in city streets. Comes standard with front and rear disc brakes on large 13-inch tires and an electric start with kick start backup. The Roma 150 is the perfect scooter for commuting in style! Available in a great selection of colors.


*Amigo Bellagio 150 – There's no need to choose between form and function with the Amigo Bellagio 150 Scooter! With a durable, fully automatic, 150cc 4-stroke engine that gets up to 80 miles per gallon, this scooter puts the fun in function! This beautifully styled Vespa look-a-like sports a retro 50's scooter design and white wall tires that are sure to turn heads while still having modern features such as USB ports for phone charging. But it doesn't stop there. The Bellagio 150 Scooter features other modern amenities, too, like electric start with kick start backup and a front disc brake with ABS! Smooth running CVT transmission. 10-inch wheels. Comes in a wide variety of different colors.

*Amigo Executive 150 – The Amigo Executive 150 is a full-size scooter that is chock-full of features! A fully automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) transmission, Japanese carburetor, Gates drive belt and NGK spark plug for smooth acceleration and even power at all speeds. Dual hydraulic disc brakes with front ABS and large 13-inch tires provide serious stopping power and grip you can count on! The Executive 150 comes standard with digital gauges and an AM/FM/MP3 sound system with dual speakers, so you can listen to all your favorite tunes while you ride! The Executive 150 is built on a strong steel frame typically only found on 250cc and larger scooters. The stiffer frame gives it agile, responsive highway handling while providing the payload capacity to easily carry two people on the roomy seat with raised pillion. A large, touring windshield deflects air up and over both riders for all day comfort on long trips. Other awesome features include 2 USB ports and an SD card reader! This gas Chinese scooter is EPA, DOT and CARB approved street legal in all 50 states including California. Available in your choice of beautiful rich, dual-stage paint colors.

*Amigo Jax 150 -- The Jax 150 Adventure Scooter by Amigo is built for fun on the street or off the beaten path! The scooter's tough little 150cc, 4-stroke engine produces up to 8.5 horsepower, and the automatic CVT tranny and belt drive offer extraordinarily smooth and even power throughout throttle range. The Jax 150 Scooter comes with 13-inch wheels, (larger than traditional 12-inch rims found on most road going motor scooters), and big 130/60 knobby tires for extra contact patch and better traction on loose terrain. Comes standard with a roomy trunk and handy USB port. At just over 200 pounds net weight, this rugged little moped can go up to 55 miles per hour and get up to 80 miles per gallon! Your choice of great matte and flat colors.

*Amigo SS-150 -- Take a seat on the SS-150 motor scooter from Amigo and enjoy the smoothest ride of your life! Powered by a 150cc engine and simple automatic tranny and loaded with extras, cruising the highway has never been easier or more fun! The SS-150 scooter comes standard with tons of extras like a USB port for charging your phone. Amigo scooters are known for their high quality, and the SS-150 is no exception. Every scooter is painted with a dual stage paint process and clear coat for deep, rich colors and a durable shine that won't fade in sunlight. The SS-150 scooter’s 150cc 4-stroke engine can move loads up to 300 lbs. as fast as 55 miles per hour with ease, and the dependable front disc brake allows for control and fantastic stopping power. Features a reliable CDI ignition, NGK spark plug and CVT transmission with a top-quality Gates drive belt for smooth, reliable power at all speeds. Keyed electric start and backup kick start. Each unit comes with a big, color-matched rear trunk and plenty of under-seat storage for stowing everything you need on commutes to work or trips to the grocery. Great sporty styling, reliability, excellent fuel economy and a long list of extras make the SS-150 one of the best scooters on the market, rivaling even Honda's and Yamaha's best scooters! Your choice of several different colors.

*Amigo Bello 150 -- The easy-going, laid back styling of the Amigo Bello Cruiser Scooter makes it one of the smoothest riding motor scooters on the market! The scooter's wide, cruiser handlebars and big, comfy seat allow for a completely relaxed, upright riding position for all day comfort. The Bello Scooter is powered by a reliable 150cc 4-stroke mated to an automatic CVT tranny with belt drive. Includes large touring windscreen, a roomy, lockable color-matched trunk and classic gauge cluster. Front trailing link fork suspension and dual coil-over springs in the rear make this scooter ride like a cloud! It looks and feels like a miniature bagger cruiser. Comes standard with front ABS disc brake, handy USB charging port and more! Available in gorgeous, rich two-toned colors paired with creme and shod with bright whitewall tires and lots of chrome! Or choose the Blackout model with minimal accent for a 'murdered out' look that really works on a classic cruiser motor scooter like this! Electric start. CARB approved.

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