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Three Great Safety Items For Kids ATVs

Let’s face it – for many youngsters the idea of riding their own ATV is very exciting.

It is something they really want to do, and it is great for parents or grandparents to be supportive of their kid having fun and learning basic skills that will help them develop and grow.

Also consider the fact that many kids now are spending too much time inside with video games and cell phones. Getting them outside for good recreational activity is a great idea – and in many cases it can lead to fun for the entire family.

With that in mind, we know that safety for the young rider is a paramount concern. Fortunately, three great safety devices are available that will ease the mind of adults considering purchasing an ATV for their child or grandchild.

The first of these is a remote control on-off switch. This hand-held device can shut down the ATV from a distance of the length of a football field. This is a great peace of mind device for an adult when they see their youngster coming up on a dangerous object in the trail or field or if it appears the rider is experiencing some operational difficulty.

Another great safety device is a wrist tether that automatically shuts down the electronic circuit of the ATV when the rider loses contact with the quad. This will activate if the rider falls off the vehicle or also in the event of a tip-over. Of course, this device also could prove to be a great safety feature of adult ATVs, as well.

Finally, adults have the ability to “govern” the speed of the ATV through a throttle limiter. This is a device that limits the operating distance of the speed throttle and can be set in accordance with the size and ability of the youngster riding the quad. 

With these three important safety elements, adults can experience basic peace of mind that any accidents can be eliminated or curtailed.

Of course, these are just three items that help lead to your goal of making safety a top priority. Here are some others:

*Make sure the ATV is sized properly for the young rider. It is not safe to have a youngster operating a full-size quad. Engine size and seat height are important factors. There is no iron-clad guide based on age, so it is important that you understand the size, maturity and athletic ability of your young rider – and match him or her with the proper model. 

*Provide the necessary safety equipment for your young rider, including an approved helmet, eye protection, long pants, long sleeves, gloves and over-the-ankle boots.

* When beginning to ride, it is important to find a large flat area with no ridges or hills and the absence of rivers or ponds. Do not ride on paved streets or roads except to cross. Ride only in daylight hours.

* It is a good idea to begin with a comprehensive safety course for the youngster. Many such courses are available online.

* NEVER let kids or teens drive an ATV with a passenger. Adult supervision should be available at all times for riders under age 16.

It also is important to conduct a basic equipment safety check each time before riding an ATV:

*Is riding gear available and being worn?

*Are tires and wheels in good condition?

*Are all controls operational?

*Does the chain have proper slack and is it lubricated?

It is a great safety idea for parents or grandparents to purchase an ATV for their youngster. Since kids and teens often want to enjoy the experience, it provides tremendous peace of mind to know they are riding their own ATV with you providing the supervision. This “hands-on” approach is a key safety consideration.

There also is wisdom in purchasing a new ATV rather than used – you know the equipment is in good operating condition and has not been abused. At we specialize in affordable models that are good quality ATVs, but also are easy on your pocketbook.

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