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Should I Buy An ATV For My Child?

This is an important question for many parents and grandparents – they know their youngster wants and often NEEDS to experience outdoor fun, but there clearly are some serious safety issues facing anyone making this decision.

Getting your child away from video games and cell phones and into the world of the outdoors is a great move for many reasons, but common sense will dictate that certain guidelines and supervision will be a must to insure his or her safety.

Perhaps the first step is to become familiar with all the state and local laws concerning the operation of an ATV. There will no doubt be age restrictions for specific situations and they obviously should be followed without fail. However, in most cases it will be legal for a child to ride an ATV on private property.

That’s where your common sense comes into play. The biggest and most critical factor is that you provide adult supervision AT ALL TIMES and make sure your child is operating the ATV in a responsible and safe manner. On a key level, you should be congratulated for the decision to purchase an ATV and be PERSONALLY involved in the training and supervision of your child. That prevents the concern that he or she is riding somewhere else in an unsupervised and dangerous manner.

One of the most important steps is purchasing an ATV that is the right size for your child. It is an established fact that many of the worst ATV accidents involving children come from riding an oversized quad. Of course, it also is important to provide all the proper safety equipment for your child, starting with an approved helmet. 

Training and ultimate riding should take place in an open area free of obstructions. Another great idea is to enroll your child in an approved training course. But, again, the most critical step is your personal involvement in the process and making sure all safety guidelines are being followed.

When looking at a purchase for your child, it makes a lot of sense to forego a cheaply-constructed ride-on toy sold in big box stores and go the route of a quality ATV that will provide a more fun and reliable outdoor experience. Modern ATVs are also much more stable than in years past and are powered appropriately for each child’s age, size and maturity level.

Kids ATVs essentially are smaller versions of their adult counterparts and come with welded steel frames, pneumatic tires, full suspensions and solid braking systems. Most of them feature extra safety features such as remote on-off switches (operable from the length of a football field), throttle limiters (to match the skill set of the rider) and wrist tethers (that shut down the quad in the event of a rider falling off or the vehicle tipping over).

At we have a complete inventory of affordable ATVs for kids on our website. Full descriptions and specifications may be found, as well as numerous informational videos. There are two general areas to consider in buying a quad for your child – a gas-powered or an electric model. Here are four of our most popular units:

Boulder 400XR – This is one of the finest, yet affordable, kids ATV on the market. It comes with a 110cc four-stroke engine with easy-to-operate automatic transmission and electric start. The low 25-inch seat height and stable 31.5-inch wheelbase make it perfect for kids learning to ride. It features a sturdy steel frame and a disc brake. Important safety features include a remote on-off switch, engine kill switch and a speed limiter. The Boulder comes in several exciting colors.

Vitacci Hawk – This is another great gas-powered quad for the young rider. It features a 107cc four-stroke engine with smooth automatic transmission. Solid construction includes an all-steel frame, steel front bumper and rear utility rack, along with a disc brake. Pneumatic tires make for steady traveling over any surface. It also features both electric and kick start. A low 21-inch seat and 31.5-inch wheelbase are ideal for first-time riders. Parents will appreciate the remote on-off safety switch. This model comes in several great colors.

Tao E1 Electric ATV – Why buy a toy ride-on unit when you can purchase this affordable electric quad that is built just like a real ATV with pneumatic tires, a full suspension and a disc brake? This model has the option of a 350 watt electric motor (speed settings of 7 or 10 mph) or a 500 watt electric motor (speed settings of 9, 15 or 18 mph). The brushless motor provides quiet operation with dependable power. Designed for the beginning rider, this model has a seat height of 20 inches and a 27.5-inch wheelbase. It comes in several great color combinations.

Go-Bowen Monster Electric ATV – This unit is powered by a 500 watt brushless electric motor with three speed settings that parents will love. The Monster features the same construction quality as full-size quads including an all-steel frame, pneumatic tires and a disc brake. This unit comes with or without front and rear utility racks. The 19-inch seat height and 30-inch wheelbase are ideal for young riders. There are lots of kid-friendly colors to choose from.

At we have been delivering family fun since 1990. We can assure you safety is our top priority and our knowledgeable technicians can help you make the right selection for your young rider and answer any of your questions. We also place great emphasis on service after the sale. We have a 5 Star Customer Service rating and take pride in following the great Midwestern tradition of friendly and honest service.

At we have a complete line of parts, feature free shipping and offer convenient financing. Check out our website or give us a call at 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899. We want to help you provide great outdoor recreation experiences for your family.