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Safety Features Stand Out On Top Kids ATV

There is no question that many kids (and teens) are really focused on having outdoor fun through the excitement of riding an ATV.

It is an activity that gets kids out of the house and away from the generally unhealthy habits of video games, television and mobile phones. Learning to ride an ATV also has the advantage of improving the youngster’s motor skills and sense of responsibility.

Having said that, there is no question that safety concerns are high on the list for parents and grandparents who are considering purchasing an ATV for their youngster.

Fortunately, one of the most popular entry-level ATVs for kids (the Boulder 400XR) comes equipped with three great safety features that parents will appreciate.

The first is a speed limiter that can be set by the parent in accordance with the skill level and maturity of the young rider. 

A second great feature is a remote control shut-off that can be operated from as far away as the length of the football field. The adult supervisor will feel confident in being able to immediately shut down the ATV is there is any concern in the manner in which the young rider is operating the machine.

Finally, a tether can be attached to the wrist of the young rider that will shut the unit off if he or she forgets to do so when getting off the ATV. It also can prove to be a great safety feature in the event of a tip-over of the unit.

These safety enhancements give an added sense of confidence to parents and grandparents as they consider which ATV is the right one for their child or teen.

Of course, there are several other important safety considerations that should come into play in making the decision to purchase a new ATV for a youngster:

*Be sure to check all applicable state and local laws and regulations relating to the operation of ATVs by kids.

*The parent or grandparent is the best judge of the physical and mental maturity of your child or teen. This is a crucial factor in deciding whether to purchase an ATV.

*Be sure that all the proper safety equipment is purchased and is being used. This includes an approved helmet, eye protection, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves and over-the-ankle boots.

*Always operate the ATV in safe, off-road environments.

*Children and teens should never take on passengers.

*A first-aid kit should always be available.

*Finally, and this is the most important consideration – your PERSONAL supervision of your young rider is critical. Purchasing an ATV for your child can give you peace of mind in knowing that you are in control of your child’s riding experience, as opposed to other potential situations in which he or she may be riding a quad elsewhere in a less-than-acceptable manner.

The folks at have been delivering family fun since 1990 and have the experience to assist your decision in finding the right ATV for your child. The company has an extensive inventory of quads for young riders on its website, along with lots of information about each unit.

A strong consideration should be given to one of our most popular (and AFFORDABLE) models – the Tao Boulder 400X. In addition to the safety features already mentioned, this is simply a great entry-level ATV to consider for your young rider.

It features a 31.5-inch wheelbase for great stability on the trail, along with a 25-inch seat height ideal for kids and some teens. The Boulder is powered by a four-stroke 107cc engine with easy-to-handle automatic transmission.

It comes with a steel frame, full suspension and all-terrain tires in a package that has many of the same features as full-size models. It is available in several exciting colors that kids will love. Overall, this is a very popular and affordable quad designed for the younger rider. It is definitely one of the finest kids ATVs on the market today.

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