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Motor Scooters Offer Affordability and Fun!

Is there a better combination than saving money and having fun?

In that regard, motor scooter owners do indeed enjoy the best of both worlds - keeping their money in their pocketbooks while experiencing the joy of two-wheel transportation on the open road.

Studies show that owners are evenly divided on their main reason for making the decision to purchase a scooter – economical commuting or entertainment. Of course, there can be a bit of both depending upon one's needs and lifestyle.

The scooter has an interesting history with its origin essentially dating back to the 1930s and its development primarily for military use. The popularity of the vehicle exploded in the post-World War II era, especially in Italy and other areas of Europe.

The style of the classic scooter was never more vividly captured than in Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn enjoying an exhilarating day motoring around the Italian capital in the 1953 blockbuster movie "Roman Holiday".

The "Mod Scene" in Britain in the 1960s featured the classic (and heavily-accessorized) motor scooter as one of its key elements.

Today, the scooter is the vehicle of choice in many parts of the world, and it's growing in popularity in the United States, too.

Scooters are a common sight on most college campuses because of their positive impact on student budgets, and they're fun to ride. The're equally at home in urban settings as well as the city streets and highways of rural America. Scooters are great for running errands around town or tooling around the campsite. Ample storage room under the seat in many models is another significant plus.

Scooters are an excellent entry vehicle into the two-wheel world for young riders. They are relatively simple to operate, with automatic transmissions being the norm.

Whether you're into the "Mod" scene or just plain like the retro vibe, scooters are a cool way to get around. Our models come in three general categories – 50cc and 150cc gas versions or electric. Many color choices are available.

Our 50cc Gas Scooters generally have top speeds of 30-35 mph and fuel efficiency is a whopping 100-115 mpg!

Our 150cc Gas Scooters can reach speeds of approximately 55 mph and are suited for highway driving. They feature roughly 80 mpg of fuel efficiency!

Electric Scooters are becoming more popular across the country. Our model has a top speed of about 20 mph, a full charge time of eight hours and can travel 10-15 miles on a charge. Young riders will especially enjoy the ease of operation of this model.

All our affordable scooters feature a money back guarantee and service and parts coverage after the sale. A 12-month warranty is available on all models. Experience the peace of mind of dealing with a company that's been professionally delivering fun to families all across the country for over 28 years!

Check out all our scooter models! is your key to enjoying the "fun factor" of owning and riding a motor scooter!