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Most Popular Kids GoKarts For 2020

Kids and GoKarts seem to go together. The fact is youngsters just love to ride them.

In looking at the various models available, one of the first questions will be whether to purchase a double-seater or a single-seater. The double-seaters are more popular as kids love to ride together and, with some larger models, an older rider or adult may be able to “tag along”. But the single-seater also is available and may fit the bill for certain situations.

Safety is always a concern for parents and grandparents and quality GoKarts have sturdy top bars, secured seat belts and a low center of gravity. If you purchase a GoKart for your youngster, there is the added safety factor of being able to personally monitor his or her riding and not being worried about where they are and who is providing what may be inadequate supervision.

It’s a wise decision to purchase a well-built GoKart from a reputable company and avoid cheap and flimsy “toys” from a box store. You will be surprised at how affordable many sturdy models can be – they won’t break the pocketbook.

At we have been delivering family fun for 30 years and can help you make the right decision and provide excellent service before and after the sale. We can provide reviews and sales and service history from our many satisfied customers over the years.

Go-Karting can lead to many hours of fun for the entire family and it gets your child outside for good recreational activity and away from cell phones and video games. It also placers your young rider on the road to learning how to operate and maintain a vehicle, something that will prove useful in the years ahead.

In considering the perfect GoKart for your child, we invite you to take a look at five of our most popular double-seater models and three single-seaters. These models have received great reviews from our customers and have proven to be very reliable and relatively maintenance-free:


*Trailmaster Mini XRXR Plus -- This very popular model features a wider frame and wider seat and has excellent leg room. Bigger tires give it a great look the kids will love. It comes with a well-built four-stroke lawnmower style engine and automatic transmission with reverse, generating speeds up to 12.4 mph. The seat and pedals are adjustable. Seat height is 13.6 inches. This model features electric start with a backup pull start, disc brakes, LED headlights and a horn. Safety features include five-point seat harnesses, an engine speed governor, an adjustable speed-limiter behind the gas pedal and remote control start/kill that can reach up to 100 yards. Parents and grandparents have purchased this unit for kids as young as 3 and up to age 9 (sometimes 10, depending upon how tall they are).

*Tao GK110 – This is another excellent choice for your kid. It has a sturdy tubular steel frame with full suspension, four-stroke engine and automatic transmission with reverse. This model has an adjustable seat with three-point safety harness. It has hydraulic disc brakes, headlights, tail lights and electric start. It comes with 16-inch all-terrain tires (larger than on most youth-sized models) that allow for excellent ground clearance of about four inches. There is parental remote control and a speed limiter on the accelerator. Parents will generally purchase this unit for drivers aged 4 to 10, but it is designed so that an averaged-sized  12-year-old could drive it.

*Trailmaster Mini XRX Plus – This model meets all the important safety demands (speed limiter, remote off-on function) parents are looking for, while also checking off the sporty features kids will love. Like all our kids GoKarts, it comes in several exciting colors. With this double-seater your children can have great outside fun with a friend or brother or sister. This model stands out with a wider and much taller frame, lots of legroom and big tires for great ground clearance. It features LED headlights, a horn and electric start.

*Trailmaster Mini XRS Plus – This is an affordable model that still contains the features that kids will love. It has rack-and-pinion steering that makes the kart easy for small kids to handle. The adjustable seat works for even the smallest kids. This model has automatic transmission and rear disc brakes. It has four-stroke engine with a pull start. Safety features include a seat harness and speed limiter. Like other Trailmaster GoKarts, it is made with the same tradition of quality.

*Kandi KD 125GKG – With a welded steel tubing frame that will last for years, this is one of our most popular kids GoKarts. It has a four-stroke engine with automatic transmission and reverse. It features electric start and disc brakes. Great features also include headlights, tail lights, turn signals and seat belts. It comes in several exciting colors.


*GoBowen Electric GoKart – This affordable model features the same rugged construction of a full-sized GoKart. It has pneumatic off-road tires and disc brakes. The 48-volt, 1000-watt brushless motor will stand the test of time much better than motors found in cheap big box store models. It will run for approximately 2 hours on a charge time of 6-8 hours. It also has important safety features such as a seat belt and speed limiter. This GoKart also has a reverse function. This model comes in several new colors this year.

*Go-Bowen GK79 – This is a classic one-seater GoKart that the kids will love. It has basically the same features as the Go-Bowen Electric model, but without the reverse function. This unit has a 79cc four-stroke gas engine with automatic transmission and an easy pull start. Safety features include a seat belt, padded steering wheel and a top bar. 

*Tao GK80 (Honorable Mention) – This is a great child-size GoKart that far surpasses department store toy ride-on models with plastic wheels – and it won’t break the bank. It has an 80cc four-stroke engine with automatic transmission. It features a seat height of 7 inches and a 36-inch wheelbase. And unlike those all-plastic powerwheels toys at the big box stores, this kids GokKart is the real deal through and through, from its pneumatic tires, chain drive, and disc brake to its all steel steering linkage, safety netting, metal floor and wrap-around sport bucket seat! This kids buggy is built to last!

These are seven from among our excellent selection of GoKarts for kids under 9 years of age. We pride ourselves on offering GoKarts of excellent quality at prices you can afford.

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