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Most Popular Adult GoKarts For 2021

It’s generally true that the fun of GoKarting is associated with the younger set – kids, youth and teens.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a great activity for the older set.

Driving a Go-Kart is a great outdoor activity for adults. In addition to the fun involved, it can also have health benefits.

The speed and quick decisions of driving a Go-Kart improve levels of concentration in adults. Along that same line, it can improve your reflexes as you often make quick decisions on the track or off-road.

Biceps and triceps also get a good workout in the process of handling the steering of the kart. GoKarting also has positive mental aspects as you feel good about yourself and your activity because you definitely are having fun.

GoKarting also can be lots of fun for the entire family. As the saying goes, the family that plays together, stays together. And kids will definitely enjoy this great outdoor activity with their parents. It also can be a great learning experience for the kids as you them responsibility and safety concerns. And, basically, GoKarts are fairly easy to control and maneuver, making them a great activity for the younger set.

Finally, there can be good social benefits to GoKarting as you can enjoy the activity with others – forming a fun network with friends and family.

At we have an outstanding selection of affordable models for all age groups. One of your first decisions will be whether to go with a two-seater or a very family-friendly four-seat model. One of the first things you’ll see in looking over the website is that you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a well-built GoKart.

When shopping online, it is imperative that you find a company that has a proven track record of providing good service and support to its customers. With that in mind, has been developing thousands of satisfied customers since 1990. We have experienced technicians on hand who can answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction as you make an informed selection.

Here are some of the most popular adult models in our inventory for the current year:


*TrailMaster 200XRS -- TrailMaster has upped the game on their ever-popular XRS GoKart with a bigger 169cc GY6 clone engine. The new TrailMaster 200 XRS has enough power to haul up to 500 pounds in riders and gear! An automatic CVT transmission makes it super simple to drive for pros and beginners alike. There's even enough power to haul light loads on its rear utility rack or to pull light-duty trailers with the included hitch! The 200 XRS features a full front and rear coil-over suspension system for smooth handling and maneuverability on the most demanding off-road trails. Large all-terrain tires and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes make the GoKart responsive. Tilt steering and an adjustable driver’s seat mean this kart will fit riders of all sizes! Sport bucket seats and 5-point harnesses keep riding comfy and safe. Other amenities include electric start, rack-and-pinion steering, headlights, a tail light polished stainless-steel muffler for that extra flair! Available in several colors.

*TrailMaster Cheetah 200E -- TrailMaster upgraded the original Cheetah GoKart with a bigger 169cc engine and Electronic Fuel Injection to eliminate cold start problems! The 200E boasts all the same great features that make the Cheetah such an awesome GoKart, including individual sport bucket seats, a bikini sunshade top, LED lighting, a park brake and even a handy rear utility rack for carrying items for camping or hunting! The 200E buggy rests on dual independent front A-arms with double ball joint linkage and a rear swingarm with coil-over shocks with almost 6 inches of ground clearance for great off-road handling. Electric start and automatic CVT transmission with reverse make starting and driving simple and fun. The adjustable driver’s seat makes this GoKart fit drivers of all sizes. The TrailMaster Cheetah 200E combines the best of both a GoKart and a UTV or SxS for a sleek machine that's as comfortable racing down the trails as it is working on the farm or hauling in the woods. Comes in several great color options. EPA Certified.

*TrailMaster Cheetah 8 -- The new Cheetah 8 GoKart from TrailMaster is a scaled down version of their popular Cheetah 150 model for a more kid-friendly buggy size! You get the same aggressive styling the Cheetah kart is known for plus all the best features, including sport bucket seats with 4-point seat belts, a bikini sunshade top, LED headlights and turn signals, a large utility rack, a rear hydraulic disc brake and rack-and-pinion steering. The Cheetah 8 buggy rides on rugged steel wheels wrapped in 18-inch off-road tires. The sturdy steel frame is sized just right for youth riders and smaller adults. The adjustable driver’s seat is designed to fit riders up to 5'8" comfortably and the 208cc overhead valve engine and automatic transmission can power a load up to 400 pounds! Plus, it comes standard with reverse to get you out of tight spots on the trail. Best of all, this GoKart rests on an articulating rear suspension that's equipped with anti-flip pull belts, which make it much harder to roll over compared to other GoKarts with rear solid axles! Electric start and manual choke for easier cold weather starting. Pick your favorite color!

*TrailMaster 300XRS-E -- The TrailMaster 300XRS-E GoKart is a full-size, electric start buggy with a big, liquid cooled, 17.4 HP, 300cc CVT fully automatic powertrain now equipped with EFI! With electronic fuel injection, there's no carb, no choke and no more cold start issues! Plus, it's packed with great features like a digital speedometer/odometer, stainless steel performance muffler, rack-and-pinion steering and adjustable steering wheel, a rear-view mirror and a bikini sunshade top for those sunny days on the trails! The buggy also comes with individual sport bucket seats and 5-point safety harnesses. The driver's seat is adjustable from 41 to 46 inches from the back of the seat back to the pedal so it can fit practically any size driver. The kart's beefy steel wheels feature 20X7-8 tires in the front and 22X10-10 tires in the back and ride on adjustable heavy-duty front and rear shock absorbers and a 4-point rear swing arm for enhanced off-road handling. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide huge stopping power. Extra amenities include a parking brake, high and low beam head lights, all-around fenders, a trailer hitch and a large rear utility rack. Available in several colors!

*Vitacci Jaguar DF200GKA -- The Vitacci Jaguar Deluxe DF200GKA GoKart features standard amenities like beautiful alloy wheels, top lights and a bikini top sun shade top. Even the spare tire is mounted on an alloy rim! The Jaguar is powered by a durable 169cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine and an automatic CVT transmission with reverse. The whole buggy sits high on coil-over shocks and big 21 and 22-inch tires for almost 8 full inches of ground clearance. Sport bucket seats with racing seat harnesses offer comfy and safe riding all day long. Disc brakes. Several colors.

*Tao Arrow 200 (Honorable Mention) -- The unique Tao Arrow 200 GoKart features unique Formula One racing inspired styling wrapped in an off-road package! And now it comes with a new, bigger 169cc engine using proven air-cooled, single-cylinder design for years of rugged, dependable running! The Arrow comes standard with automatic transmission that includes a reverse gear for simple driving and easy maneuverability. The buggy rides on big 21 and 22-inch off-road knobbies and a full coil-over, a-arm/swing-arm suspension with up 14 inches of travel! Hydraulic disc brakes, sport bucket seats with 4-point harnesses and a full complement of lighting round out the great features on this awesome GoKart. Several color choices.

*TrailMaster Blazer 200EX (Honorable Mention) -- TrailMaster has a new upgrade from their popular Blazer 150X in the Blazer 200EX, now with a bigger 169cc GY6 engine equipped with EFI! With fuel injection, riders don't need to worry about starting in cold weather or at high altitudes and won't need to fix or replace carburetors after periods of inactivity with the unit. The high-performance 169cc engine allows for a max load of 500 lbs., a max speed of 43 MPH, and a climbing ability of 18 degrees for powering through steep terrain on the trails! Nitrogen gas adjustable front and rear shocks and reliable front and rear hydraulic brakes allow for supreme versatility and control even over loose terrain and in bad weather conditions. The 200EX also includes premium features like aluminum alloy wheels and side mirrors, a digital speedometer/odometer setup, and individual bucket seats with upgraded racing seat belts. Comes in a choice of colors with exciting graphics!


*TrailMaster 300XRS4E -- TrailMaster's new 300 XRS4E four-seater GoKart is an update to their XRS4 model with a more powerful 18 HP 300cc engine now equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)! A durable CVT automatic transmission and liquid-cooling provide a reliable and hassle-free ride that's built to last! This GoKart is built with a heavy-duty steel frame resting on 4-wheel independent suspension with a max load capacity of 800 lbs. Both front driver and passenger seats are adjustable from 38 to 43 inches measured from driver side pedal to center seat back, allowing passengers up to 6'2” in the front and rear seats. Front seat to rear seat distance is a whopping 26 inches! With big 20 inch and 21-inch front and rear tires and a special gear ratio setup, the XRS4E has more than enough power to take off and pull 4 people. Other features on this GoKart include a digital speedometer and odometer, adjustable steering wheel with rack and pinion steering, turn signals, trailer hitch, horn and 4-point safety seatbelts on every seat for added safety. This buggy is absolutely loaded with great features, including a bikini sunshade top, digital gauges, stainless muffler, LED lighting, trailer hitch and utility rack! Pick your favorite color and take the whole family along for off-roading fun!

*TrailMaster Blazer4 200X -- The TrailMaster Blazer4 200X adult-size GoKart is our top four-seater buggy and comes standard with all the extras! The Blazer4 buggy is powered by a fully automatic, high performance GY6 clone 169cc engine with internal reverse and a special gear ratio set up for plenty of power to pull 4 people! This full size four-seat model fits up to 4 adults, and features a heavy-duty frame with a load capacity of 800 lbs. Features sport bucket seats all around, and both front seats are adjustable with a driver side pedal to seat back distance of 41 to 46 inches to accommodate drivers up to 6 ft. 2 in. tall! Rear seat to front seat distance is 26 inches and also easily fits passengers up to 6 ft. 2 in. in height! The Blazer4 200X sports bigger front and rear tires at 20 and 21 inches, respectively, for over 15 inches of ground clearance! 'X' Package options include digital speedometer/odometer, aluminum rear view mirrors, polished stainless-steel muffler, bikini sunshade top, adjustable coil-over shocks, trailer hitch, LED lighting and more! The GoKart also comes with 5-point safety harnesses, rack-and-pinion steering, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, 4-wheel fenders, turn signals, horn, large fuel tank and padded roll cage. Electric start. Choose your color!

*Vitacci Jaguar DF200GKH-A -- The Vitacci Jaguar DF200GKH-A GoKart is a fun and functional four-seat adult buggy with a powerful 169cc 4-stroke, air-cooled engine and smooth CVT automatic transmission. The Jaguar features big 21-inch front tires and 22-inch rears mounted on beautiful alloy rims and a coil-over suspension that gives the kart up to 7 inches of ground clearance for confident handling on rugged off-road terrain. All-round disc brakes provide excellent stopping power. Also features independent sport bucket seats with over-the-shoulders seat harnesses, brush guard padding, a bikini top, and a full-size spare tire on alloy wheel! The kart even comes standard with top-mounted LED off-road lighting as well as headlights and rear tail lights for safer driving. Ample leg room for adult riders in both front and rear seats. Capable of approximately 37 miles per hour. Great colors!

These are some of the top units from among our excellent selection of GoKarts for adults. We pride ourselves on offering GoKarts of excellent quality at prices you can afford.

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