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Looking For An Affordable, Powerful Scooter? -- Here It Is

Scooters are gaining in popularity primarily because of their fuel economy and ease of operation. They are fun to ride and are perfect for commutes around town.

But some great new options are available if you are looking for a model with more power – capable of holding its own in highway driving conditions.

If you want to enjoy the open road in style, consider a full-size touring model with features such as stepped-up seating for two, dual shock rear suspension and a much more powerful engine that can handle highway speeds.

An example of the exciting new world of scooters is the Vitacci Falcon 250 model. It features a 250cc engine which generates a stop speed of mph while still maintaining fuel efficiency of 80 mpg. The Falcon is fully automatic, features electric start and riders will enjoy its awesome sport bike style.

The Vitacci Falcon is just one example of the Chinese mopeds offered by that are well-built and affordable. Our scooters are comparable in style and operation to much more expensive Japanese brands such as Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha or Italian models built by Vespa and Benelli. You owe it to yourself to check out these Chinese-made scooters that will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Here is a closer look at the sporty new Falcon scooter:

*Vitacci Falcon 250 Scooter -- Hop on the Falcon 250 sport bike motor scooter to ride in style! This new bike from Vitacci is an affordable Kawasaki Ninja and Honda CBR/RR clone with all the same sport bike styling at half the cost of the name brands. The Falcon 250 features a beautiful full front fairing for great looks and comfy, wind deflection while riding. This fun little Ninja look-a-like also comes standard with a peppy, water-cooled 250cc powerplant and automatic CVT transmission that is perfect for riding with a passenger even at highway speeds. And even with a top speed of over 70 MPH, you can expect fuel efficiency exceeding 80 MPG. The fully automatic transmission and reliable CDI electric starter are low-maintenance and make operating the Falcon 250 motorscooter a cinch even for less experienced riders. Expect a super-smooth riding experience with dual-shock suspension and hydraulic disc brakes for reliable, even braking power. Comes in a variety of single and dual-color paint options.

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