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Limit the Phone and Get Outdoors!

Are you concerned that your child or teen is spending too much time on a mobile phone?

If so, you're not alone.

A recent study shows that 59 percent of parents believe their teenager is ADDICTED to a mobile device. And a 2015 survey by Common Sense Media shows that teens are spending an average of 9 hours a day on their phones! Tweens, children aged 8-12, are right behind at 6 hours a day. Those numbers are probably higher today as young people increasingly turn to the multitude of options found on their devices.

The concern even extends to very young children. One set of parents said they allowed their 5-year-old to watch Netflix on a mobile device so they could tune to their own shows on television. "Before we knew it, it turned out he was using it all the time."

Many parents are making the wise decision of limiting the use of electronic devices by their children. But experts point out it is important to provide healthy and family-oriented activities to replace that time on the phone.

Getting outdoors and becoming active is one clear choice.

When looking at options that appeal to children and teens, you might consider purchasing an ATV or GoKart. You'll be getting your young person into the outdoors and most kids enjoy the fun of riding their own vehicle in a safe manner. It's a healthy and exciting break from the monotony of sitting and looking at an electronic device for hours on end.

ATVs and GoKarts can be fun for the entire family and at we have many choices to meet the needs of all ages. Of course, we place safety as a Top Priority and we will share with you what we've learned in our years of experience to make your family activities enjoyable and safe.

If you choose to purchase an ATV or GoKart for your child or teen, you are to be congratulated for your decision to monitor their activity personally to make certain they are operating the vehicle in a safe manner.

At we have been delivering family fun since 1990 and we look forward to helping you get your child or teen off the phone and into healthy outdoor activity with family and friends.

Many parents are indeed becoming alarmed with their children's lack of personal contact with others. Some are noting that their child is "glued" to the phone even when attending various activities or events. And let's face it; parents also often provide a bad example by spending too much time on the phone or laptop, too.

"It's always a good idea to invite your child to do something with others that doesn't involve screens," one expert said.

The Great Outdoors is beckoning you and your family to get away from the electronic devices, spend some quality time together and experience family fun!