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Hot New Mini Gas ATVs Perfect For Kids

Kids love ATVs and a hot new exciting line of gas models is perfect for beginning riders.

Why waste time and money on cheap plastic toys from big box stores when you can purchase an affordable and well-made kids gas ATV that has many of the same features as full-size quads?

A great consideration for purchasing a new kids quad by parents or grandparents is that you will be able to personally monitor your kid’s ATV riding. You won’t have to worry about where your child is riding and under whose (possibly inadequate) supervision.

Of course, you also will want to provide full protective gear such as an approved helmet, long pants, long-sleeved shirt and over-the-ankle boots. It also is important when teaching a kid to ride that the activity be in a wide-open area without obstructions. Another consideration is to enroll your child in one of the many safety classes available (often online).

There is no question your young rider will be excited about the new 60cc and 40cc gas mini quads on the market today. They have the look and feel of full-sized ATVs and provide great features such as a rugged all-steel frame, full suspension and pneumatic tires.

At we're excited about this great new line of kids quads and have the experience and the technical knowledge to help you make the right decision on a model that will provide years of fun for your family. 

Take a look at the full inventory on our website or give us a call at 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899. There is a wealth of information about various models on the website, including full specifications.

Here are some examples of the most popular models that we know you your kids will love:

Vitacci Mini Hunter 60

This awesome new entry in the kids ATV market features front and rear welded steel utility racks that are great for helping around the house or hitting the trails. This model is easy for kids to operate with its 58.3cc four-stroke engine and a smooth fully automatic transmission. The Hunter 60 has a reliable electric start and has by far the most power of any mini gas kids ATV. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a 28-inch wheelbase provide great stopping power and stability on the trail. A smaller chassis and 20.5-inch seat height make the Mini Hunter perfect for the beginning rider. It comes in cool prints and color choices a kid will love.

Shop the Vitacci Mini Hunter 60 Kids ATV

Vitacci Mini Racer 60

This model has essentially the same features as the Mini Hunter, but it comes in a sleek, sporty style that kids will love. It is super simple to operate for kids riding their first quad. Like the Mini-Hunter it has a four-stroke engine and automatic transmission and reaches speeds up to 18.5 mph. It also features electric start with a backup kick function. The 13-inch tires are great for trail riding and provide a full six inches of ground clearance. LED headlights for added visibility and safety and several exciting colors complete the package.

Shop the Vitacci Mini Racer 60 Kids ATV

Go-Bowen Gas Titan

Small kids love ATVs too and the Titan is an excellent choice for a beginning rider. It features a 40cc four-stroke engine with fully automatic transmission that makes it easy for the young rider to operate. It has a reliable pull start, which means less overall maintenance. This model has seven-inch ground clearance for ideal riding on the trail. It has a 29-inch wheelbase for stability and reaches speeds up to 20 to 24 mph depending on terrain and the weight of the rider. The Gas Titan is one of the highest quality mini kids ATVs on the market today. Comes in your choice of great kid-friendly colors with cool graphics! 

Shop the Go-Bowen Gas Titan Kids ATV

Go-Bowen Gas Sonora

Manual start keeps this four-wheeler simple and reduces maintenance. There's no battery to charge and no fancy electronics to worry about malfunctioning. Just gas it up, pull the crank and go! This is one of the simplest and most reliable Chinese kids ATVs in the 50cc and under engine class on the market today. It has a reliable 40cc four-stroke engine and fully automatic transmission. The Sonora has a high-strength steel frame and front and rear disc brakes for safe and reliable stopping. Comes in your choice of several fun colors. The complete package makes for a reliable and exciting quad for your young rider.

Shop the Go-Bowen Gas Sonora Kids ATV

Go-Bowen Gas Monster

A low 19-inch seat height and lightweight 75-pound chassis make this ATV easily maneuverable for kids learning to ride! It also features a 40cc four-stroke engine and automatic transmission so that the beginning rider doesn’t have to worry about shifting gears. The Monster has a 6.5-inch ground clearance that is great for trail riding and is sturdy and reliable with its full suspension and front and rear disc brakes. Like all our new mini quads, it comes in several great colors that the kids will love.

Shop the Go-Bowen Gas Monster Kids ATV

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