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Great Mid-Sized Youth ATVs For 2020

There are several mid-sized ATV models on the market today that are perfect for larger kids and teens.

And it’s certainly not unusual for youngsters in that age group to really love riding quads. The fact is that riding a mid-sized ATV can be both fun and challenging.

While the fun and excitement are obvious, it also is an activity that teaches responsibility while improving dexterity, balance and strength. Riding an ATV requires more athletic ability than some realize, making it great exercise. It gets youth outside and away from cell phones and video games.

It is very important that parents and grandparents take into account their youngster’s size, strength and maturity level when choosing an ATV. Generally speaking, youth quads are for those aged 8-15, but that can vary in individual cases. Engine sizes of 100-125cc normally are appropriate for youth riders. Other factors to consider are seat height, wheelbase, weight and suspension. A wide wheelbase and quality suspension promote stability in off-road and uneven terrain. 

Depending upon the skill of the rider, several safety features may come into play. Speed limiters and remote shutoffs may be appropriate for younger or beginning riders. Another great feature is a wrist tether, which shuts down the engine in the event of a rider falling off or the unit tipping over.

Of course, providing the proper safety equipment is critical. This includes a quality helmet, chest protector, boots, long sleeves and long pants, gloves and protective goggles. It also is important for adults to lead by example. When riding your own ATV, be sure your youngster sees you also wearing all the necessary protective equipment.

When teaching your youngster to ride, it is a great idea to do so in a large, wide-open area that is relatively flat – without ponds or streams. Such an atmosphere will help promote confidence in the critical early learning stages.

Another consideration is making sure your youngster has “no audience” as he or she is learning to ride. If friends are present, there is a temptation by the youngster to “show off” or try to impress onlookers. This is a hindrance to focused learning and safety training.

It also is important to stress safety checks before every ride. Make sure all the equipment is working properly for a fun and safe experience.

As a parent or grandparent, you are to be congratulated if you purchase a new quad for your youngster and then provide personal supervision that stresses learning and safety. That way you don’t have to worry about your child or grandchild riding a quad somewhere else in a situation that may not be safe and responsible. 

Riding quads is a great family experience that will lead to years of fun outdoor memories. Getting off to the right start in terms of teaching safety and responsibility is an important key that should never be neglected. 

Our 30 years of experience at will be helpful in your decision as to what ATV is most appropriate for your youngster. We are just a phone call away, 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899, before and after the sale. 

When choosing an ATV for your child, you don’t have to break the bank. Sure, you can go the Honda, Suzuki, Polaris or Yamaha route, but you owe it to yourself to check out the Chinese models that we feature. They are extremely similar, and sometimes identical to the Japanese models, and can be purchased at a fraction of the price.

In looking for the ideal ATV for your youngster, you may want to consider our Top 5 Youth ATVS For 2020. These are models that have proven to have the popular features that youth riders love, while also providing reliable operation that is relatively maintenance-free. All five feature a wide wheelbase that leads to excellent stability on the trail.

*Apollo Blazer 9 – This model comes in a sporty racing style that young riders will love. It has a smooth-operating 125cc four stroke engine. The Blazer has electric start and automatic transmission with reverse. It features large tires -- 19 inches in front and 18 in back – rear disc brakes and a seat height of 37.4 inches. This model has an all-welded steel frame with a steel front bumper and rear utility rack. Includes front and rear lights for safer riding and a remote kill switch so parents stay in total control. Other great safety features include a speed limiter and wrist tether. The aggressively-styled body sports great looking two-tone graphics and comes in several colors!

*Vitacci Rider 9 – This model features a chassis size that is perfect for teens and riders with intermediate skills. It features a 125cc four-stroke engine with automatic transmission with reverse and comes with reliable electric start. Large front and rear utility racks are functional for work around the house or garden. Includes a wrist tether, and a remote control on-off and speed limiter so parents stay in complete control. Comes in several colors and prints!

*Apollo Sniper 9 – This is a perfect quad for larger youth and teens who will love the Sniper's aggressive sport racer quad styling and great colors and graphics. It features a 125cc four-stroke engine with automatic transmission (with reverse) and electric start. This model has large tires on the front and rear for excellent handling on even the roughest terrain. The Sniper features a rigid steel frame with rear utility rack and comes with a remote on-off switch for parental control. Additional safety features are a wrist tether and speed limiter.

*Tao TForce – This is one of Tao’s newest entries in the youth ATV market, featuring a slightly larger frame and bigger tires than previous models. Tao has incorporated a larger engine head on a durable and proven 107cc engine case resulting in a more reliable design with a combined power output approximately equivalent to 125cc. The automatic transmission is easily switched to reverse with the convenient hand shifter and braking comes from hand operated front drums and a foot-operated hydraulic disc on the rear. A lower 29-inch seat is ideal for younger riders. Safety features include a speed limiter, remote on-off and engine kill switch. The TForce also features electric start.

*Tao Cheetah – The new Tao Cheetah youth ATV is specifically designed for kids. Not only is the quad sized for younger riders, it's also been fitted with a fully automatic transmission. Now, kids can learn to ride without struggling with gears and shifting. Even semi-automatic ATVs can be challenging for little ones, but the Cheetah eliminates that with a simple foot operated gear selection for forward, neutral and reverse. Plus, the large, all-terrain tires, full suspension and almost five inches of ground clearance make this a great little starter quad for kids. This model has a four-stroke 107cc engine that outputs to 110cc. Great safety features include remote control on-off, speed limiter and kill switch. Seat height is 25.6 inches.

These are just some of the more popular models in the outstanding lineup of youth quads found on our website. On the site you can access lots of information about all our models, as well as numerous informational videos.

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