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Exciting Kids ATVs For 2020

Kids love to ride ATVs and the exciting news is there are models designed just for them – while incorporating many of the popular features of full-sized quads.
Of course, the first step is making sure you purchase the correct model for your young rider – and the quads we are reviewing are perfect for kids under age 9.
With that in mind, you still have to consider your child’s skill level, athletic ability and maturity when choosing the right ATV. The size, power and weight of the quad should be matched to your child’s size,
weight and strength.
In looking for an ATV for your younger child, focus on models with engine sizes of 125cc or less. We also recommend that you purchase a kids ATV with a four-cycle engine instead of a two-cycle so that you
don’t have the hassle of mixing gas and oil together. Seat height, wheelbase, weight and suspension are important considerations.
Without a doubt, safety is a top priority for every parent and grandparent and many youth ATVs come with such features as wrist tethers that shut down the unit in the event of a fall or tip-over, throttle
limiters and remote shut-offs (than can be activated from as far away as the length of a football field). A lot of models feature front wheels that are wider than the rear, which provide additional stability.
Parents also will want to provide the appropriate safety equipment for their child, including an approved helmet, long-sleeve shirt, long pants and over-the-ankle boots. By purchasing an ATV for your child, you
as a parent can personally be on top of safety issues by keeping an eye on their fun activities in your own backyard or open property.
Some of the best news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a good ATV for your child.
The kids ATVs carried by come at a fraction of the cost of models sold by Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki and other brands. Our models are very similar, if not identical, in
design to their expensive counterparts. Outstanding warranties and parts for the ATVs are available and we are noted for our emphasis on customer satisfaction. This is why we offer free freight insurance with
all of our orders and free tech assistance if you ever need help with your ATV.
In short, there is no reason to pay “big bucks” for a so-called name brand when purchasing a quality quad for your child.
Our most popular models have proven to have the features young riders really enjoy and they are relatively maintenance-free. With this in mind, here are some of our top-selling quads for kids under 9:
*Boulder 400 XR – This is an ideal ATV for younger riders, featuring a stable 31.5-inch wheel base with a speed limiter and remote control with engine shut-off. It also features a tether which attaches to the
rider’s wrist so that it will shut the unit off if he or she forgets to do so. This unit has a four-stroke 107cc engine with automatic transmission (no reverse). It has a steel frame, full suspension and all-terrain tires
in a total package that has many of the same features as full-size models. The Boulder has a convenient electric start and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Overall, this is a very popular entry-level and affordable
quad designed for the younger riders. It is definitely one of the finest kids ATVs on the market today.
*Vitacci Hawk – This popular model features excellent quality for the price. It has a four-stroke 107cc engine with automatic transmission (no reverse). This unit has a low 21-inch seat designed for the younger rider on a steel frame with four-wheel suspension. The Hawk has a steel front bumper and rear utility rack, along with drum front brakes and rear disc brakes. This model has an electric start and safety features that include remote shut-off, wrist tether and speed limiter.
*Tao T-125D – This model features a four-stroke 107cc engine with fully automatic transmission (with reverse). This utility quad has front and rear racks, great for utility purposes around the house or camp.
It comes with large 16-inch all-terrain tires, full front and rear suspension and rear hydraulic disc brakes. It has convenient electric start and LED lights. Parental remote control, wrist tether and a speed limiter are important safety features. Kids will love the choice of 10 exciting colors.
*Vitacci Ryder 7 – This is a really cool ATV that the kids will love. It features a four-stroke 125cc engine. A convenient hand shift allows the rider to choose F-N-R gears. This model features rear hydraulic disc brakes and LED headlights and a tail light. It has a sturdy steel frame and suspension and front and rear utility racks (and can haul over 200 pounds). Safety features include a wrist tether, speed limiter and remote control shut-off. It has a 26.8-inch seat height that is perfect for young riders.
*Vitacci Blazer 7 – Young riders will definitely love this sleek and stylish sport model that comes in a variety of exciting colors. It features a 125cc four-stroke engine with automatic transmission (with
reverse) that is easy for kids to ride, along with a reliable electric start. This unit has a rear utility rack and rear disc brakes for excellent stopping power. The Blazer 7 also now comes standard with a remote
control on/off so parents are always in control of ride time. It also has a wrist tether and speed limiter as additional safety features.
*Apollo Mini Commander 110 – This is a perfect ATV for kids learning to ride. It has a “commanding” new utility look the kids will love, but it features a smaller size and low 22.8-inch seat height. This quad has a four-stroke 106.7cc engine with automatic transmission – models come with reverse or no reverse options. It has a sturdy steel frame with heavy-duty front bumper and rear utility rack. The Commander comes with convenient electric start. Parents and grandparents will appreciate the important safety features such as wrist tether, remote control on-off switch and speed limiter.

These are just a few of the exciting ATVs featured on our website. Check it out to find the right quad for your kid – and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions – give us a call at 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899.
Our website has lots of information about all our models. You also can find videos that provide additional details about our ATVs, as well as GoKarts, dirt bikes and UTVs for kids.
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