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Electronic Fuel Injection Vs. Carburetor GoKarts

Electronic fuel injection systems (EFI) have, of course, been the standard for automobile engines for many years. The good news is that this newer technology is now available as you consider a GoKart purchase.

EFI is an option that, while adding to the initial expense, can save money over the long run and provide several operational advantages that will appeal to many GoKart owners.

Among the plus factors of an EFI system over the traditional carburetor:

*Increased Fuel Economy – The efficiency of the EFI system can save up to 25 percent in fuel costs, according to some studies.

*Improved Startup – EFI provides smooth, chokeless startup in both cold and hot conditions.

*Altitude Compensation – One of the advantages of EFI is that it compensates for environmental conditions at different altitudes.

*Improved Load Governance – An EFI system will adjust fuel delivery accordingly, based on different speed and load conditions.

*Stale Fuel Resistance – Since the EFI system atomizes the fuel into spray, it results in less fuel to turn gummy – and everyone has had an experience with a gummed-up carburetor.

*Improved Horsepower – Carburetor performance can be erratic. An EFI system evens out performance issues and provides more overall power.

*Lower Emission Levels – As concern over air quality increases, an EFI system definitely will result in lower emission levels. This means less worry over meeting various governmental emission guidelines and also contributes to a cleaner air environment.

Looking at the other end of the equation, there are a couple of advantages to a carburetor system, especially in small engines.

*Reduced Cost -- The initial cost of a powersports vehicle, such as a GoKart, will be somewhat cheaper in carburetor models.

*Simpler Maintenance – A DIY GoKart owner has the capability of rebuilding a carburetor system in his garage. On the other hand, repair or an EFI model will require professionally-trained work or a new system.

So, overall, there are some basic advantages that go along with an electronic fuel injector system on a new GoKart. At we have several EFI models to consider and our technicians will be happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns.

Some of the best news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a good-quality GoKart.  At we feature quality Chinese models that are surprisingly affordable. Outstanding warranties and parts for the karts are available and we are noted for our emphasis on customer satisfaction. This is why we offer free freight insurance with all of our orders and free tech assistance if you ever need help with your GoKart.

Here are several great GoKarts to consider if you are looking to go either the EFI or the carburetor route with your purchase (all are two-seater models):


*TrailMaster 200 XRS -- TrailMaster has upped the game on their ever-popular 200 XRS with a bigger 169cc GY6 clone engine. This new model has enough power to haul up to 500 pounds in riders and gear! An automatic CVT transmission makes it super simple to drive for pros and beginners alike. There's even enough power to haul light loads on its rear utility rack or to pull light-duty trailers with the included hitch! The 200 XRS features a full front and rear coil-over suspension system for smooth handling and maneuverability on the most demanding off-road trails. Large all-terrain tires and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes make the GoKart responsive. Tilt steering and an adjustable driver’s seat mean this kart will fit riders of all sizes! Sport bucket seats and 5-point harnesses keep riding comfy and safe. Other amenities include electric start, rack-and-pinion steering, headlights, a taillight, polished stainless-steel muffler for that extra flair! Available in several colors.

*TrailMaster 200 XRX -- Take on the toughest terrain in style with the new TrailMaster 200 XRX with premium features including polished aluminum wheels, a digital speedometer/odometer, top mounted hunting lights and a bikini sunshade top! But it's not just for show. Underneath all that glitz is a rugged, tubular steel frame with top brush guard, side rails and an enclosed belly pan to take the abuse of harsh off-roading. Power comes from a 169cc GY6 clone technology engine mated to an automatic CVT clutch for excellent low-end torque. There's enough horsepower to haul light loads on the rear utility rack or to pull light-duty trailers with the included ball hitch. Driving is effortless and fun with electric start, rack-and-pinion steering, convenient reverse shifting, easily reachable, dash-mounted controls and dual sport bucket seats with 5-point harnesses. The driver’s seat adjusts from 39 to 43 inches to the pedals while the steering tilts to accommodate drivers of any size. Center and side mount rear view mirrors, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, high/low beam headlights and turn signals add an extra measure of safety. The dual A-arm front and swing-arm rear suspension system provides excellent handling and maneuverability, and the optimized wheelbase keeps turning radius to a minimum. The 200 XRX buggy blazes new trails as the only 200cc class GoKart on the market with this many nice features! Available in several colors.

*Vitacci Jaguar DF200 GKA -- The Vitacci Jaguar Deluxe DF200 GKA features standard amenities like beautiful alloy wheels, top lights and a bikini top sun shade top. Even the spare tire is mounted on an alloy rim! The Jaguar is powered by a durable 169cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine and an automatic CVT transmission with reverse. The whole buggy sits high on coil-over shocks and big 21 and 22-inch tires for almost 8 full inches of ground clearance. Sport bucket seats with racing seat harnesses offer comfy and safe riding all day long. Disc brakes. Several colors.


*TrailMaster Cheetah 200EX -- The all new TrailMaster Cheetah 200 EX comes with every option available plus Electronic Fuel Injection! EFI means no more carburetor and no more hard, cold starts! The 200EX is powered by a bigger 169cc engine and automatic Continuously Variable Transmission for plenty of power and ease of operation. Build quality is top-notch on this full size adult GoKart. The welded steel frame rests on a full suspension with dual A-arms up front and a swingarm in the rear and coil-over shocks all around! Big, 22-inch all-terrain tires ride on upgraded lightweight aluminum alloy wheels for less rotational weight that puts more power on the ground! You also get electric start, LED lights with an LED lightbar up top, side-mounted rearview mirrors, a windshield, a spare tire, individual sport bucket seats with an adjustable driver’s side and 3-point harnesses, and even a bikini sunshade top. It's a combination that adds up to be a phenomenal GoKart value. Cheetah body fairings plus so many standard options make this one of the most loaded buggies on the market today! And it comes in your choice of colors! EPA Certified.

*TrailMaster 300 XRS-E -- The TrailMaster 300 XRS-E is a full-size, electric start buggy with a big, liquid-cooled, 17.4 HP, 300cc CVT fully automatic powertrain now equipped with EFI! With electronic fuel injection, there's no carb, no choke and no more cold start issues! Plus, it's packed with great features like a digital speedometer/odometer, stainless steel performance muffler, rack-and-pinion steering and adjustable steering wheel, a rear-view mirror and a bikini sunshade top for those sunny days on the trails! The buggy also comes with individual sport bucket seats and 5-point safety harnesses. The driver's seat is adjustable from 41 to 46 inches from the back of the seat back to the pedal so it can fit practically any size driver. The kart's beefy steel wheels feature 20X7-8 tires in the front and 22X10-10 tires in the back and ride on adjustable heavy-duty front and rear shock absorbers and a 4-point rear swing arm for enhanced off-road handling. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide huge stopping power. Extra amenities include a parking brake, high and low beam head lights, all-around fenders, a trailer hitch and a large rear utility rack. Available in several colors!

*TrailMaster 300 XRX-E -- Take on the most demanding trails with TrailMaster's powerful 300 XRX-E now with Electronic Fuel Injection for the ultimate in reliable starting and performance! This buggy comes standard with premium features like aluminum wheels, 4-wheel independent suspension, digital speedometer and more! The full-size tubular steel frame is engineered for agility and optimum turning radius while still being large enough to comfortably fit adult riders. Dual sport bucket seats with 4-point seat harnesses keep the ride comfortable and safe, and the driver's seat is adjustable from 41 to 46 inches! The 300 XRX-E GoKart features rear wheel shaft drive from a 300cc water-cooled engine and automatic CVT transmission for excellent low-end torque and top speeds of up to 50 mph! There's plenty of power to haul light loads on the integrated rear utility rack or to pull a light-duty trailer with the included ball hitch. Four-wheel independent suspension creates a smooth yet responsive ride and further enhances traction on slippery or loose terrain, while front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide quick and effortless stopping power. Also features windshield, polished aluminum wheels, digital speedometer/odometer, turn signals, LED head lights, tail lights, side-mount rear view mirrors, horn and more. The 300 XRX-E stands out on any trail! Available in several colors.

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