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Current Positive Trends In The ATV/UTV Market

While there has been some disruption in the sale and use of ATVs and UTVs due to the coronavirus situation, the overall trend in the utility vehicle market has been and will continue to be upward.

There are numerous reasons for this, one being that, while use of off-road vehicles originally was focused primarily on sports and recreation, there are growing applications in such areas as agriculture, patrolling, hunting and household chores (such as gardening).

A plus factor for the traditional recreational aspect is that many government entities have been budgeting resources for off-road trails and activities in response to demand from constituents. Additionally, there is a growing trend toward exciting ATV/UTV off-road events that attract enthusiasts of all ages.

Another positive development that has led to more focus on utility vehicles is the continued emphasis on safety features. This is especially true where young riders are concerned, as many vehicles feature speed limiters, remote off-on controls and tether shutoffs. This has resulted in significant sales growth in the youth and teen market.

With environmental issues in mind, manufacturers also are improving emission control features while also developing new and more powerful electric models.

A diversified price range for ATVs and UTVs also has brought more consumers into the market as well-designed affordable models are available and popular.

While powersports utility vehicles traditionally have been associated with off-road use, there is a growing trend in many communities to allow their operation on some roads and city streets. This is especially true where UTVs (often called side-by-sides) are concerned.

Referencing UTVs, this segment of the market has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. For example, growth in 2018 was about six percent nationwide. Even more dramatically, the sales increase was up 95.3 percent since 2006.

There is no question that the ability to carry multiple riders is a big plus for the UTV market.

“They’re easy to operate, useful in multiple terrains and – like boats – you can bring multiple people along for the ride,” said Greg Boeder of Power Products Marketing.

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