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Challenger Offers Exciting UTV Models

The Challenger Series by TrailMaster offers numerous outstanding models with features that can prove to be just right as you search for your new UTV.

Various engine types and sizes are available, along with an array of exciting options – and, of course, one of the major decisions will be whether to go with a two-seater or a four-seater.

UTVs are growing in popularity all over the nation – and it’s easy to see why.

They have several advantages over other powersports vehicles, among them great flexibility for family use.

Of course, the first obvious difference between UTVs and ATVs is the presence of a second seat, prompting the second name – side-by-sides. Some models have seating for four, or even six passengers. In addition to offering the possibility of more riders, other advantages that buyers often like include:

--Steering wheels, foot accelerators and brake pedals, which make learning to ride easier by being similar to cars and trucks.

--Rollover bars, which are a strong safety item.

--Cargo carrying capacity, which makes them ideal for agricultural, hunting and other utility uses.

--Longer suspension, which leads to a smoother ride.

--Seat belts/harnesses and side door netting, providing greater safety.

--Good towing capacity on some models, adding to their use as a utility vehicle.

UTVs are extremely versatile with lots of applications. Hunters enjoy them because of the extra cargo capacity and the many accessories that are available for sportsmen. They are ideal for agricultural uses with good towing capacity for various tools and attachments – and they are perfect for various chores around the home or camp. They make great winter vehicles with the ability to add snow tracks on some models, as well as use for snow plowing.

And, of course, they are great for traditional powersports activities such as rock climbing (extreme trails), mudding, dune riding, racing and trail riding.

As noted, UTVs are ideal for many family uses, with ability to provide seating for up to six people. They also can be kid-friendly with parents and grandparents having the option of being in the vehicle with youngsters as they learn to operate the UTV.

UTVs generally are more expensive than ATVs, but there is good news on this front. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase a new UTV. At we feature numerous models of Chinese-made UTVs that are very similar to much more expensive Japanese and domestic brands in the market. In many respects they are very similar to the “name-brand” models but at a fraction of the price.

The Trailmaster Challenger Series really jumps to the front among affordable UTV choices and some exciting models are available on the website.

One of the first decisions will be whether to go with an Electronic Fuel Injection model or the more traditional Carb route. Either way, Challenger has you covered.

The EFI models are easier to start in all climate and altitude conditions and also are more fuel-efficient. The Carb models generally are less expensive and are often the favorite of those who like to do DIY repairs.

Challengers come in two engine sizes, an efficient 200cc version and a more powerful 300cc unit. Either will offer you hours of great service and fun on the trails.

Another major choice will be whether to go with a two-seater or a four-seater model. This will depend on each individual situation, but the point is that UTVs do indeed offer great recreational opportunities for the entire family.

Finally, the Challenger Series offers an exciting X Package, which includes such great amenities as a full windshield, polished aluminum wheels, LED hunting lights, bikini sunshade top, side nets, rear and side view mirrors and more.

Here are a couple of great models in the Challenger EFI class:

*Challenger 4 200EX -- TrailMaster continues to push the envelope with their new 4-seater Challenger 200EX SxS now with electronic fuel injection! The Challenger sports all the same extras that come standard in the X package, like polished aluminum wheels, a windshield, mirrors, LED light bar, horn and more, but now you also get EFI controlled fuel system for better fuel economy, more even fuel delivery and substantially easier cold starts. This side-by-side is very similar to models like the Kawasaki Teryx4, Yamaha Wolverine or the Polaris RZR, but at a significantly reduced cost. You get the same heavy-duty, welded high-strength steel frame riding on a full front and rear suspension for great off-road riding fun. The Challenger 4 200EX also comes a full gauge package, turn signals, a 12v power outlet and a trailer hitch! An adjustable steering wheel and four-point safety seat harnesses provide a comfortable fit and safe riding for drivers of all sizes. Available in a variety of colors.

*Challenger 300E -- Introducing the TrailMaster Challenger 300E 300cc Side by Side featuring a powerful four-stroke, single-cylinder, water-cooled engine with EFI for trouble-free starts even in cold weather! This powerplant combination packs enough punch to push the 300E up to 45 miles per hour. And the infinite CVT gearing provides plenty of low-end grunt for hauling two people even when pulling a trailer. Big 22-inch rims are wrapped in 7-10 front and 10-10 rear off-road tires and mounted to a 4-point swing arm suspension with adjustable front and rear shocks. Other amenities include all-around disc brakes, sport bucket seats with an adjustable driver seat, rack-and-pinion steering, side nets for extra safety, a bikini sunshade top, rear view mirror, trailer hitch, utility rack and more! TrailMaster wraps every 300E with an awesome sport graphics package for great looks. Pick your favorite color and get on the trails with the Challenger 300E utility vehicle today!

If you want to go another route, with a more traditional Carb model, here are a couple of good choices:

*Challenger 4 200 -- TrailMaster just stepped up the game by boosting the original Challenger 4 150cc UTV with a new bigger, more powerful 200cc engine. The Challenger 4 200 is a full-size four-seater Side-by-Side UTV with a load capacity of 800 lbs. so it can carry up to 4 adults for off-road fun! The Challenger 4 SxS fits most older youth and adults easily thanks to its individually-adjustable sport bucket seating with enough leg room for riders up to 6'2. With an automatic CVT tranny, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and a new gear ratio set up that offers more low-end torque for navigating rough terrain, the Challenger 4 is easy to drive, too! This is also one of the few utility vehicle side-by-sides on the market to come standard with side mirrors, digital gauges, a large rear utility rack, big 22-inch knobby tires and 4-point seat harnesses for added safety. EPA certified. Comes in a selection of different colors with awesome graphics!

*Challenger 300X -- The TrailMaster name has become synonymous with high-quality, off-road vehicles, and their latest SidexSide keeps that banner flying! Dubbed the Challenger 300X, this UTV extends the Challenger model into the 300cc category. The Challenger 300X has all the same awesome features found on other Challenger models, including big, polished aluminum wheels, dual sport bucket seats, full lighting, mirrors, a windshield, utility rack, trailer hitch and more! Power comes from a 300cc, water-cooled engine mated to a fully automatic transmission for simple operation. Adjustable rack-and-pinion steering and an adjustable driver’s seat make it comfortable, too. The Challenger 300X UTV is more than capable on the trails, too, thanks to adjustable front and rear shock absorbers, a completely redesigned suspension system that reduces vibration and increases turning and handling performance and a newly upgraded independent rear suspension that offers maximum traction. Safety comes from four-point seat harnesses, side nets and front and rear bumpers. The 300 comes standard with a ton of additional features, too, like a bikini sunshade top to keep all day riding cool and sunburn free. A big rear utility rack for hauling gear, and a handy trailer hitch that makes it perfect for towing a small utility trailer to hunting camp or using it to move trailers around on the farm! This is one of the best, all-around utility vehicles on the market today! Comes in several colors.

These Challengers are just a few of the exciting UTVs featured on our website. Check it out to find the right side-by-side for you – and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions – give us a call at 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899. We guarantee you will talk to a Real Live Person during regular business hours.

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