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Are Your Kids Bored? Consider A "Staycation" In A Time Of Social Distancing

These are uncharted times for all of us in a period of “social distancing” due to the Covid-19 outbreak in our country and around the world.

We are all searching for answers on how best to deal with the challenges to our families and the disruptions that are created.

One of the most common problems with families is the stay-at-home boredom that has resulted, a challenge especially for those with lively kids and teens in the household. Parents are struggling to find ways to keep their kids occupied and active – and, above all, safe.

Exciting plans for spring break trips and summer vacations – highlights of the year for kids – have been scrapped with the stay-at-home decrees throughout the country.

With that in mind, have you considered a “staycation” to take the place of the traditional family trip? It does seem like a wise alternative in these difficult times. The idea is to develop a time of family togetherness on your own property or nearby areas of safe isolation -- and to help break the boredom faced by kids who are separated from their normal activities with their friends.

In one sense, what you are doing is “taking a vacation from a vacation,” while also managing to stay safe and save money.

Getting to really know each other as a family is sometimes in short supply in today’s complex and hectic world – and taking that trip to a “destination” sometimes actually works against that goal. The hassles often associated with travel and setting an agenda of activities you “have to do” often detracts from good old-fashioned family togetherness and fun.

Lots of parents say their children’s most fun memories revolve around staycations.

One of the keys to a successful staycation is making some basic (not elaborate) plans to make sure it isn’t just a matter of sitting around the house for a week.

As part of the staycation it might be a good idea to limit cell phone use and video gaming. While you will want to generally keep track of the coronavirus situation, it probably will be healthy to avoid “news overload” during your family time together.

A popular family activity for staycations is the backyard camping trip and that obviously can be a great “bonding” experience that children and youth will remember for years. A variation on that can be an elaborate backyard family picnic (or at an appropriate site near your home).

When it comes to family fun through a staycation, here is where and step to the forefront:

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Our website features lots of information on do-it-yourself installation to help you save even more money on your new pool purchase. In fact, the installation project itself can be an excellent family endeavor during this time of social distancing.

Swimming is a very healthy activity and provides good exercise for adults – it also is very relaxing in a time of stress. As for the kids, it is a good way to burn up a lot of energy.

Additionally, we feature a wide variety of games and activities on our website, such as Foosball, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Billiards, Shuffleboard and more. These fun activities can add additional enjoyment to your well-planned staycation.

In short, we are your One-Stop Shop for a successful staycation with activities that then can be continued throughout the years.

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