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Family Go Karts Order Tracking Request
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To retrieve a tracking number for your order, please enter the order number, your last name and primary phone number from the order. Click "Send Request" and a message will be displayed with the tracking status.
Order Number:
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We recommend that you call the local terminal to find out when a delivery can be made. You can find their phone number on the website by clicking on the 'Delivery' Destination under the "Service Center" area.
RECEIVING YOUR PRODUCT: When the trucking company delivers your package, it is very important that you look over the box. Understand it is not uncommon to have the box roughed up. That is what the box is designed to do. If you notice any holes in the box/container or a corner of the box is crushed, make sure you write it on the Bill of Lading before you sign for the purchase. Once setting up the product, if you find any missing or damaged parts, please give us a call at 800-950-2210 and we will be happy to help you out.